Academy of Holy Angels officially launched AHAOnline, our e-learning platform, back in March. Thanks to careful planning, emergency preparation and robust technological support, Holy Angels was well-positioned to begin online instruction many weeks in advance of other schools. As a way to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of AHAOnline, we continue to communicate with our students and families. The initial response to online learning was overwhelmingly positive related to items such as accessing assignments, availability of teachers and counselors, and turning in assignments. Throughout the 2019-20 third trimester, students continued to excel in their studies, make creative videos, share at-home art projects, and prepare for Advanceded Placement and year-end exams.

Here is a quick overview of our AHAOnline program:


 At AHA, all of our students are equipped with a Chromebook. They receive proper training and have access to technology support on a daily basis. Our current student:teacher ratio is 13:1. These small class sizes help our students receive more individual attention with their studies, and our teachers really get to know their students. Our small class sizes also give them the opportunity to meet regularly with their homerooms, college counselors, and guidance counselors. 

Attendance is taken daily and students are able to stay organized with their myAHA online portal. AHA uses synchronous (virtual person to person) and asynchronous (independent) learning throughout the week. They receive daily updates via our school bulletin, which is sent to their school email address. Every morning when they sign into their myAHA account, they are greeted with a short message and prayer.

You can hear more about the AHAOnline schedule and instructional philosophy from Principal Heidi Foley.














The following videos were recorded back in April so our faculty and students could share their experiences with AHAOnline. We feel very confident in our ability to provide a well-rounded education for our students, even if we are not in the same building.

Video 1 is from our Math & English Department. 

Video 2 is from our Science Department.

Video 3 is from one of our students and you get the opportunity to see one of our classes (public speaking) in action. 



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Two AHA Commended Students

Oct 05, 2020

Two AHA Commended Students

Congratulations to Ruth Arms & Eva DeSimone!