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AHA Way for Students

AHAWay Courtyard

The AHA Way is Academy of Holy Angels community’s commitment to work as a team to achieve:

  • A safe, welcoming, respectful and nurturing atmosphere for everyone
  • A dedication to excellence in learning and a commitment to empowering everyone to achieve to their fullest
  • An environment—grounded in the Catholic faith—where everyone can grow spiritually

Student Goal

We are committed to making Holy Angels a place where students, faculty, staff, parents and guests experience peace, belonging and safety. As students of the Academy of Holy Angels, our goal is to be an effective team working together to help members of AHA succeed spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially.  We will strive:

To Be a Part of the Solution

When we see a problem, we own the problem, and strive to solve it.
When we make mistakes, we learn from them.  We admit we are wrong.  We apologize when we offend others.  We accept the consequences of our actions.  Then we take action to grow from the experience.

To Help Others and Ourselves Succeed

We will grow and succeed by being confident and believing in our potential, giving our all and being proud of our effort, relaxing, and finding the balance between school, social life, work and activities.

We help ourselves to succeed by being our true selves. We display honesty and integrity.  We are spiritual and express our faith. We set goals for ourselves beyond what is expected and are not satisfied with accomplishing the minimum. We get involved in school activities.  We have a positive attitude and avoid judging others.  We focus on learning and not just getting good grades.  We challenge ourselves to move outside our comfort zones and to take healthy risks.  We avoid the influence of negative peer pressure.

We also will help others to succeed. We will be role models who inspire others to become the best they can be. We make a positive difference by going out of our way to serve and our talent, and we make sacrifices for the entire community.

To Communicate “You Matter”

Each person matters. We recognize and appreciate each other’s achievements and different needs; we make connections with others by being friendly and welcoming. We respect everyone by listening, being on time, being inclusive and aware of others’ feelings, and by valuing their differences and opinions.

Because our school matters, we take pride in Holy Angels: we respect its founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph, and our school property and buildings; we protect its reputation by making good choices both in and out of school.

To Honor the Absent

We honor people, especially when they are not present, and we avoid gossip.