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AHA Way for Parents

AHAWay Courtyard



The AHA Way is the Holy Angels community’s commitment to as a team to achieve:

  • A safe, welcoming, respectful and nurturing atmosphere for everyone
  • A dedication to excellence in learning and a commitment to empowering everyone to achieve to their fullest
  • An environment—grounded in the Catholic faith—where everyone can grow spiritually

Parent Goal

To help all succeed at AHA by being positive role models who live the Catholic faith. We are caring, welcoming, active in our school, and respectful of all—both inside and outside of our community.

To be a part of the solution

Through our words, actions and communications with others, we set a positive example and focus on solving problems. We strive to be involved with other parents, our students and their teachers, and our AHA community.

To communicate “you matter” to our AHA Community

We are a welcoming community of parents to other parents, teachers, students and all those within and outside our community. We communicate with each other in a respectful, objective, professional and Christian manner.

To help others and ourselves succeed

We provide a healthy and safe environment so that students can learn to make good choices and reach their full potential—academically, socially, and independently. We know that sometimes we must allow students to fail if their failures will help them learn to become self-reliant, successful adults.

We support our faculty and staff by being informed about school policies, attending parent-teacher conferences and communicating in a positive, respectful manner.

We volunteer our time and talent; we attend co-curricular events.

We provide a safe environment to students in our home, and we work respectfully with other parents to help all of our children meet expectations and be accountable for their actions.

To honor the absent

We speak in a positive, respectful manner about our AHA community, and we stop gossip when we hear it.