In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

We remember AHA alumni and friends who have died this year. To have someone remembered, contact Jesse Foley in the Alumni Office at 612-798-2621 or

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Ann Marie Benusa '82, daughter of George and Joyce Benusa, sister of Betty Benusa Kowalski '77 and Marilyn Benusa Ashenbrener '73 (5/3/2017)

Kathleen Buttell Clausen '63, wife of David Clausen, sister of Margaret Buttell '57 (deceased), mother of Michelle Hanson (Todd) Boe '88 (10/13/2016)

Sheila Ryan Dickey '50 (10/2/2016)

Bernice Dutcher Gooler '52 (5/10/2017)

Patricia Rose Corrick Hinton '50, wife of Jim Hinton, mother of Laura Hinton (Eric) Lancrete '85 and Mark (Carolyn) Hinton '87 (10/30/2016)

Marilyn Murphy Keating '52, sister of Anne Murphy Catmull '48 (deceased) and Joan Murphy Parker '46 (deceased) (4/18/2017)

Kathleen Killian Klein '63, sister of Geraldine Killian Carey '56 (12/1/2016)

Barbara Reichel Mattingly '56, sister of Judith Reichel Brandt '57 (3/9/2017)

Maneta Becker Mikulak '59, wife of Roger Mikulak, sister of Rebecca Becker Rhodes '60, Michele Becker Kranz '66 and Lisa Becker Sharpe '80, aunt of Carolyn Rhodes (Joe) Morescki '86 (12/7/2016)

Elizabeth "Betty" Klopp O'Fallon '57 (10/1/2016)

Barbara Pfeifer Quinn '54, wife of Jerry Quinn (12/19/2016)

Gayle Goltz Roettger '60 (5/4/2016)

Alec Saunders '08, son of Curt and Christine Saunders, brother of Brian Saunders '10, cousin of Heidi Pearson Maurer '02 and Chris Pearson '05 (5/5/2017)

Jon Sorman '90, son of Gene and Diane Sorman (4/28/2017)

Mona Roach Strunk '53 (12/22/2016)

Mary Ellen "Sunny" Boggs Stephenson '52 (5/14/2017)

Phyllis Delaney Sutcliffe '52 (12/17/2016)

Shirley Symington '59, sister of Patricia Symington Desmond '61 (12/28/2016)

Community Members

Mimi Christensen, wife of Chuck Christensen, mother of Nicole Christensen '92 (deceased) and mother-in-law of Michael Broveleit '91 (2/7/2017)

Betty Coffman, mother of Mary Coffman Scanlon '71 and Nancy Coffman Carlson '73 (12/11/2016)

Fiora Contino, mother of Rick (Susan) Contino and grandmother of Christina Contino '05 (3/5/2017)

Tom Effertz, husband of Terri McClellan Effertz '67 (2/9/2017)

Mary Finnegan, wife of Tom Finnegan, mother of Jack Finnegan '06 and William Finnegan '09 (4/26/2017)

Donald Hutzenbuehler, father of Susie (Steve) Lee, grandfather of Max Lee '17 (4/24/2017)

J. Byrne Keefe, husband of Cecilia Keefe, father of Ben (Sarah Samson-Keefe'95) Keefe '95 and Colleen Keefe (John) Polson '98 and gradndfather of Alice Keefe '14 (9/2/2016

John Lawrow, husband of Peggy Lawrow, father of Mike (Mary Jo Larson '76) Lawrow '76 and Kathleen (Doug Hassman) Lawrow, grandfather of Donovan Lawrow '09 and Kyra Lawrow-Svedvik '05 (2/26/2017)

Thomas McCoy, husband of Trudy McCoy, father of Matt (Zeny) McCoy, grandfather of Tommy McCoy '17 (2/1/2017)

Francis McGoldrick, husband of Ginny McGoldrick, father of Mike (Susan) McGoldrick '90, grandfather of
Sarah McGoldrick '16 and Thomas McGoldrick '20 (2/16/2017)

Glen Monahan, husband of Mary Monahan, father of Michael (Laura) Monahan '88 and Patrick (Rochelle) Monahan '91 (2/28/2017)

Regina "Genie" McComas Morelan, mother of staff member Ann (Jim) McComas-Bussa (3/4/2017)

Patricia O'Brien, mother of James (Liz) Zahler '04 and Maria Zahler '08 (11/19/2016)

Doris Posvic, mother of Susan (Rick) Contino and grandmother of Christina Contino '05 (1/3/2017)

Anne Reichel, mother of Barbara Reichel Mattingly '56 (deceased) and Judith Reichel Brandt '57 (3/24/2016)

Larry Roupe, Former staff (3/2/2017)

Ann Sandvik, wife of Terry Sandvik, mother of Tom (Nikki) Sandvik '83, Mary Sandvik (Travis) Anderson '82 and Jane Sandvik (Jeff) Hurinenko '85, grandmother of Kailin Hurinenko '09, Jennifer Hurinenko '10, Elizabeth Hurinenko '15, Samuel Anderson '19, Matthew Anderson '19 and
Megan Anderson '20 (2/18/2017)

Robert Thorson, husband of Jean Thorson, father of Amy Thorson Zabel '91 (12/23/2016)

William Vogel, husband of Vicky Vogel, grandfather of Greta Forseth '19 and father of Rachel (Michael Forseth) Vogel (4/30/2017)

Judy Warmka, mother of Scott (Sharon Hall '85) Warmka '85, Gary (Jenny) Warmka '86 and Melanie Warmka (Scott) Rise '90, grandmother of William Warmka '11, Allison Warmka '12, Jack Warmka '16 and Matthew Warmka '18 (4/15/2017)

Nash Wicka, grandson of Sunny Bach Wicka '51 (4/29/2017)

Juanita Williams, former staff (2/14/2017)

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Order Fall Sports apparel through Aug. 20th

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9th Grade Orientation is August 17 & 18

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