Celebrating Together at Spanish Mass

Celebrating Together at Spanish Mass

Celebrating Together at Spanish Mass

One of the key goals of the AHA World Language Department is to incorporate learning opportunities for students beyond the classroom. It is critical for students to experience not just the language but also the culture and customs where those languages are spoken.

A recent example of this was the spring break trip to Costa Rica where the World Language and Science Departments collaborated to provide an in-depth, holistic cultural experience for 17 students. This trip also demonstrated the interconnectedness of our academic departments.

Another recent student cultural experience was the Spanish Mass that was offered in the AHA chapel. On Thursday, April 27, over 200 students and staff were able to participate and worship together. This beautiful liturgy incorporated the language, music, and the religion of the Latino culture. Additionally, the Mass provided the opportunity to see the worldwide nature of the Catholic faith.

Spanish teacher Katy Eiden commented, “As we say prayers in Spanish that students already know in English and sing hymns in another language, we provide the opportunity to feel connected to the worldwide Catholic community. During the Easter season and with Pentecost, we underscore the importance of going out into the world and to speak the Word in other languages. Another benefit of this Mass was that it was reaffirming to our heritage speaking community (those AHA students who grew up speaking Spanish in the home) to see their classmates engaged in a 'real life' Spanish-speaking situation."

Senior Joseph Sher ‘23 had this to say about the Spanish Mass, “It was cool participating in the Mass with a different language, style, and music. I hope to attend more of these Masses in the future. I also believe it is important for students to embrace this diversity of the Body of Christ and realize that all people belong to God, no matter their background or culture."

AHA teachers wanted the Mass to be a spiritual, inclusive experience in the Spanish language and to help students see that many levels of language learners - from Spanish 2-5 as well as heritage speakers - can come together for prayer.

The World Language teachers would like to thank Fr. Andrew Jaspers for celebrating the Spanish Mass and AHA music teacher and liturgist Jess Allured for leading the musical group for the Mass.