Convocation: Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

Convocation: Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

Convocation: Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.

Academy of Holy Angels (AHA) comes together as a student body, faculty, and staff in a weekly Convocation assembly. Convocations provide a time and space for AHA to build community, learn from each other, pray together, celebrate good news, and hear from new and relevant speakers. 

At the all-school Convocation on Thursday, January 19, a number of topics were presented to the student body. Principal Foley opened the program with a refresher on the AHA Way and encouraged students to use its tenants in all aspects of school life. Next, Mr. Keller, assistant athletic director, shared a video highlighting the many activities that have recently kicked off this winter, including Knowledge Bowl, table tennis, trapshooting, and many others.

The main focus of the January 19 Convocation was to highlight the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., jointly presented by student members of the Diversity Club and Liturgy Squad (pictured above). 

Three student members of the Diversity Club (pictured left) opened the presentation with an overview of Dr. King's childhood and impact. They shared a timeline of notable Civil Rights events that took place during King's life, including the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955 and the March on Washington in 1963. They showed a video of AHA students and teachers sharing who the most influential person of color was in their lives. Additionally, the students highlighted other influential but lesser known people of color who positively impacted the Civil Rights movement, including W.E.B, Du Bois, Thurgood Marshall, and Charles Hamilton Houston.

Following, members of the Liturgy Squad and select members of the student body led everyone in a prayer service. Intertwined with choral excerpts from the song We Shall Overcome, students read a selection of some of Dr. King's well-known verses and prayers.  

The full student body, faculty, and staff ended the Convocation with this closing prayer:

Lord God, We stand on the shoulders of giants who have sacrificed for the sake of the Gospel message. We stand here, responsible for the governance of your healing ministry, aware of much good work that is done, and much more yet to do. Give us a share of the spirit that guided Dr. King and others like him to be voices for the voiceless. Do not let us settle into "appalling silence," but instead, have the courage to do what is necessary for those most in need — those whom your son Jesus loved the most. By our words and actions, may we become the face of Jesus in our time and place. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.