Staff Awards & Retirements

Staff Awards & Retirements

Staff Awards & Retirements

The following faculty and staff members were honored at AHA's end-of-year celebrations.

Sherry Case, Transportation Coordinator

Sherry Case is the recipient of the AHA Community Association Staff Service and Dedication Award for encompassing and living out the AHA Way in her daily role at Holy Angels. Sherry has dedicated herself to providing outstanding service to our families and students. She leads a team of dedicated individuals who ensure students have a safe and timely ride to school, activities, and sports. The behind-the-scenes care and work she puts into the daily success of transportation are second to none.

Sherry Case is the champion of communicating "You Matter." Even before COVID hit and the bus driver shortage was an issue, Sherry was constantly communicating "You Matter" to her team of drivers. This year, more than ever, she has gone above and beyond to make sure they felt supported and had the tools and supplies to do their jobs. She has driven countless hours and bus routes herself. When she is not scheduling a route, inspecting a bus, or supporting a member of her team, you might find her on the sidelines of a Stars football game making sure those chains are where they are supposed to be! She is the unsung hero of transportation and has been for years!

Andrew Vitek, Math Teacher

The 2022 recipient of the Mary Norris Lunde Class of 1938 Award of Excellence is presented to Mr. Andrew Vitek for making outstanding contributions to the education, faith, and well-being of AHA students. The recipient is selected from criteria developed by the AHA Board of Trustees and the Lunde family. Each member of the Student Government individually nominates one staff member. The Lunde family reads the nominations and selects the winner.

This year, comments made by the students about Mr. Vitek included:

  • He brings joy to the subject.
  • He has believed in students when they do not believe in themselves.
  • Mr. Vitek is without a doubt the greatest teacher I ever had.
  • He takes pride in his students.
  • He celebrates achievement.
  • He is the epitome of a fantastic teacher at a Catholic school and expresses Christian values in his interactions with others.

Jim Gunderson, RTI Coordinator

The 2022 Thomas S. Noonan Instructional Achievement Award is presented to Mr. Jim Gunderson. Thomas S. Noonan was a lifetime educator who believed deeply in the important role that teachers play in shaping young people, and through them the future. Each year, this award is presented to a teacher who has made significant contributions to nurture student achievement, particularly during the current school year.

Under Mr. Gunderson's direction and implementation, AHA has provided additional support and structure to many students. Using the Response to Intervention (RTI) model and practices, Mr. Gunderson has helped many AHA students grow in confidence and ability. 

Retiree: Meg Angevine, Admissions Officer

As a valued member of the school leadership team, Mrs. Meg Angevine's contributions have played a large role in the many successes of our school. Serving in her role at AHA for 11 years, she has touched the lives of each and every family who selected Holy Angels as their high school of choice. Tom Shipley, president, shared, "I would like to personally thank Meg for her 11 years of service to AHA in our admissions department. I wish her the very best in her retirement."


Retiree: Cathy Anhut, Vocal Music & Campus Ministry Teacher

Mrs. Cathy Anhut has been an invaluable partner in the musical productions at AHA for 23 years. She has always said “yes” to any project devised or suggested and willingly joined the hectic schedule that the musical provides. She is patient and kind with her students and is the ultimate "church lady." Mrs. Anhut can brighten the room with her smile, laughter, and song. She brought that spirit into the classroom and onto the stage with her singing groups: Praise Group, Concert Choir, and the Academy Singers. 

Retiree: Chris DeNio, Assistant to the Principal/Substitute Coordinator

Mrs. Chris DeNio has been the "go to" person at Holy Angels for 20 years. She manages the main office, is the assistant to the principal, and is the substitute teacher coordinator. Whether it is finding a substitute at the last minute or proofreading an article, Mrs. DeNio pitches in whenever and however she can. Says Heidi Foley, principal, "It is amazing how she is able to juggle all the duties she has while still being the friendly face in the main office. Chris will be greatly missed."