Becky Budworth '92 Mary Medal Scholarship

Becky Budworth '92 Mary Medal Scholarship

Becky Budworth '92 Mary Medal Scholarship

Academy of Holy Angels is excited to announce the Becky Budworth '92 Mary Medal Scholarship, recently established by Becky's brother Mike Budworth '90 as a way to honor his sister. It will provide a partial need-based scholarship to one female student in each class at Holy Angels. AHA is extremely grateful to the growing number of donors who are stepping up to establish these much-needed scholarships. In order to qualify for this or any named scholarship, families must complete the TADS financial aid forms and qualify for assistance. Thank you to Mike and all donors who make an AHA education possible! 

Remembering & Honoring a Special Younger Sister

Written by: Mike Budworth '90

My sister Becky was a gentle, caring person who naturally put the needs of others in front of her own. She had health issues for the majority of her life, and yet she never complained and was grateful for everything she had been given. It’s a gift to be able to look past your personal hardships and find positives in almost any situation, and Becky had that gift. I most admire the fact that she never lost her faith in God or her religion throughout her painful battle with cancer. She continues to be an example for me in my life. Thinking of her and reflecting on her challenges makes me take a step back and realize how truly blessed I am.

Holy Angels was a place where Becky felt encouraged, accepted, and respected. The students, parents, and faculty were all there to support her and all students. Her AHA friends became an extended family, and throughout her time at AHA, she gained self-confidence. She graduated prepared to take on the challenges of a college education.

The Mary Medal was established in 1955 at Academy of Holy Angels, and Becky was the 37th recipient in 1992. The special part of this award is that it’s voted on by each senior class. It’s not a popularity contest. Instead, it’s about who in your class most exemplifies the traits and behaviors of a faith-filled, selfless Catholic. It’s special because it’s about being humble, generous, and putting others first. It’s an ironic award because it goes to a girl who in most cases isn’t trying to be recognized or honored. It was a huge honor for Becky to receive the Mary Medal award in 1992, and it made her feel very special. To this day, our family is forever grateful to her classmates for choosing Becky to receive the Mary Medal.

Setting up a scholarship in Becky’s name is a way for our family to honor her legacy. More importantly, it’s a meaningful way to give back to Holy Angels that did so much for her as well as for me. I would like to give other young girls like Becky the opportunity to grow as an individual and realize their true potential. There are so many great kids born into circumstances beyond their control. I know Becky would be really excited to be able to give someone the gift of a top rated, faith-based education they would otherwise not have access to.

The intent of this scholarship is to give a girl with the humble qualities of a Mary Medal recipient the financial assistance they need to receive an education and a diploma from AHA.

It would be an honor if Holy Angels alumni or benefactors chose to contribute towards Becky’s scholarship.

To make a donation to Becky's scholarship, click HERE.
Questions? Contact Jesse Foley ’89 via email.

Becky Budworth passed away on May 21, 2011 after a hard fought battle with cancer. After graduation, Becky attended Mankato State. She worked for the March of Dimes for a year before moving to Texas to work for Boral Material Technologies. Becky was best known for her kind spirit and caring way with everyone she met. She embodied the Holy Angels mission. Becky ’92 and Mike Budworth ’90 are the children of AHA alumna Mary Spinner Budworth ’62 and Fred Budworth.