Closing Mass & Student Awards

Closing Mass & Student Awards

Closing Mass & Student Awards

This week, on a sunny morning in the StarDome, all AHA students, faculty, and staff came together one last time for a closing all-school Mass presided by Father Mike Tix. Following Mass, students - primarily freshmen, sophomores, and juniors - who have achieved academic honors and awards were celebrated.

The seniors, who wore their caps and gowns, will be presented their awards next week at the Baccalaureate Mass. As the seniors departed the StarDome, the Class of 2022 was also recognized as the new leaders of the school.

Congratulations to the following Stars!

(Thank you to Mr. Gorrill for capturing photos from the event, viewable at the bottom of this page.)

The academically top-ranking student in grades 9-11 is given to a student who has achieved the highest cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale at the end of Trimester II in their grade.

  • Ninth grade: Samuel Kamin
  • Tenth grade: Ben Ertl
  • Eleventh grade: Caitlin O’Rourke

The Literary Merit Club membership is open to all students who want to read and discuss books outside of the English classroom. There are different award levels per below.

Honorable Mention (for students who’ve read 5 or more books):

  • Sam Delaney
  • Olivia Keller
  • Yaretzi Garza Silva
  • Grace Meyer

Bronze Award (for students who’ve read 10 or more books):

  • Elizabeth Clough

Silver Award (for students who’ve read 15 or more books):

  • Megan Eikens
  • Abigail Hartberg
  • Nhi Luong

Gold Award (for students who’ve read 20 books):

  • Alexandra Bieneman
  • Rachel Heintz
  • Eliana Kinzer
  • Emily McCarthy

Platinum Award (for students who read 25 books):

  • Fridline Alcenat
  • Makae Brieschke
  • Moira Daley

Minnesota Boys and Girls State:

  • Thomas Keller
  • Andrew Pastrana
  • Maria Zeien

HOBY Leadership Seminar:

  • Benjamin Ertl

The Harvard Book Award is given to an outstanding member of the junior class who demonstrates excellence in scholarship and high character, as well as achievement in other non-academic areas. Congratulations, Caitlin O’Rourke.

In recognition of outstanding personal character and intellectual promise the Yale Book Award is given to Thomas Keller.

The Dartmouth Book Award is given to a member of the junior class who demonstrates strong personal character and scholarship and who has made a positive contribution to the school community. Congratulations, Nhi Luong.

The Wellesley Book Award is given to a female member of the junior class whose academic record and character are exceptional and who has also made significant personal contributions to her school and/or community. Congratulations, Bridget Gurin.

In recognition of outstanding personal character, involvement in extracurricular activities and intellectual promise, the Miami University of Ohio Book Award is given to Jane Nordstrom.

The St. Michael's Book Award is given to two juniors for outstanding leadership, service, and character within the National Honor Society. Congratulations, Josh Gillard and Avary Reichel.

The Villanova University Book Award is presented to a high school junior who has demonstrated academic excellence in a challenging curriculum, a commitment to serving those less fortunate in their greater community, and embodies a sense of school and community spirit as an example to others. Congratulations, Luke Szopa.

The Brandeis Book Award for Social Action and Civic Engagement is presented to an outstanding junior in the top 10% of the class who demonstrates a commitment to civic engagement, community service, political activism, social justice or volunteer work. Congratulations, Paul Kariuki.

The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award, in recognition of outstanding achievement and superior intellectual promise in the field of science, is presented to Meghan Eikens.

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal is given to a junior who has demonstrated potential for success in a challenging academic setting, excels in math and science courses, and has exhibited significant involvement in extracurricular activities. Congratulations, Yaretzi Garza Silva.

The faculty of Academy of Holy Angels has chosen students who have distinguished themselves for outstanding achievement in specific academic areas.

  • Ceramics: Ella Bailie, Lauren Frank, Sydney Guthmiller
  • Drawing: Ruth Arms
  • Painting: Quynh Le
  • Photography: Raphael Ignacio
  • Computer Art: Antonella Borean
  • Computer Science: Moira Daley, JP Van Sloun
  • Industrial Technology: Quentin Padratzik, Maria Zeien
  • English: Claire Curtis, Becky Little
  • Math: Connor Niznick, Emma Powers
  • Biology: Madelyn Stine
  • Chemistry: Grace Meyer
  • Physics: Braden Stock
  • Social Studies: Theo Doran, Madeline Luskey
  • French: Ruth Arms, Julia Vu, Kyleigh Zent
  • German: Emma Powers, Gretchen Steininger
  • Spanish: Moira Daley, Theo Doran, Gretchen Hansen
  • Chinese: Jack Bauer, Joey Sipple, Jacob White

The Theater Department presents the following awards:

  • Starlight Technical Awards: Ruth Arms and DJ Telep
  • Starlight Acting Awards: Lauren Frank, Madeleine Luskey, Harry Mellas
  • Director’s Choice Award: Grace Cebulla
  • Bent Nail Award: Jeralyn Ree
  • Mother Seraphine Ireland Outstanding Senior in Theater Award: Kate Warmka

Tom Kelly, a spirited football player his four years at AHA, graduated in 1981. He died as a result of a car accident in 1983. That year, Father Larry Johnson established the Tom Kelly Award in his memory. The coaches have chosen one student this year for their excellence in football. Congratulations, Ryan Bercich.

TRIA Orthopaedic Center awards a yearly scholarship of $2000 each to one male and one female student who demonstrate drive and determination in academics, citizenship and athletics. The Tria Scholarships are awarded this year to Isabelle Hedrix and Mason Garcia.

The Banovetz Memorial Scholarship was created in 1993 in memory of Dr. John Banovetz. This year, the award will be given to three juniors who exhibit high academic and co-curricular skills. Congratulations, Paul Castro, Emma Phillips, and Braden Stock.