7-Period Hybrid Schedule

7-Period Hybrid Schedule

7-Period Hybrid Schedule

The following message was sent to current parents on January 14, 2021.

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your continued partnership this year. It's hard to grasp the enormity of the lives that we are all leading at this time. We hold fast to our faith, the mission of our school, and the belief in a better tomorrow. In all those things are our students, our families, and our staff. We pray for continued physical and mental healing, so that we can resume our robust lives.  

To make steps in the direction of "back to normal", we will transition to a typical 7-period day on a hybrid schedule with groups A and B in the building. This schedule change will begin on Monday, February 8.  We have attached the new daily schedule and calendar for your review. 

Moving to a 7-period day positions us in a direction toward a more "normal" AHA schedule for our students and teachers. A 7-period schedule places students in front of their teachers twice/week for two 46 minute classes, rather than the one 90-minute block under the current hybrid schedule. Transitioning now also offers us time to help our 9th grade students learn to attend school on a regular 7-period schedule.  

We will continue to monitor our COVID numbers to provide the safest  environment on our campus now and as the school year progresses. The steps along the way are to continue to practice good COVID-safe protocols of social distancing, masking, and utilizing proper hand washing in addition to regimented building sanitization.

Like all of you, we wish to be able to snap our fingers and return to "normal". Being in school and learning together is the best way to work with our learners and to motivate and encourage them. Our entire school community works best when we do it together and in-person. 


Tom Shipley       Heidi Foley
President              Principal