School Photos available

School Photos available

School Photos available


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How-to Directions for AHA families: 

1.  Click on "First time? Create free account."

2. Then click on "Find your Student" in upper right hand corner

3. Enter our School Name: Academy of Holy Angels and the Event Code: FE8320

4. Enter your student's name. If the "search" button does not light up, try another variation of your child's name. Both first and last name are required. 

5. Click "add student" and continue to ordering!

If you have any questions or issues finding your student, call Jostens Pix Consumer Care at 1-877-515-1447 or email

If your student did not have his/her photo taken yet, or he/she would like a re-take, makeup photo day at AHA is Monday, September 21st and Tuesday, September 22 in the morning.