AHA COVID-19 Response Plan

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AHA COVID-19 Response Plan

The following message was sent to current parents on August 18, 2020.

Greetings AHA Families,

After much due diligence, we are ready to share our anticipated COVID-19 Response Plan with you. We want to personally thank the AHA faculty, staff, Board of Trustees members, and other community members who serve on our Instructional Delivery & Planning Task Force and our School Preparedness Task Force for their long hours and dedication to the safety, health, and education of our community. This plan was created with concern, with love, and based on trusted scientific resources.

Please take a moment to read carefully through the plan by clicking here.

Again, we are beginning the 2020-21 academic year in the AHAHybrid model. We draw your attention to two action items for parents:

  1. This year, AHA will include a COVID-19 acknowledgement of risk document to be signed by each parent prior to the start of school. The purpose of this waiver is to acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and the potential risks it poses while attending school and any other live activities associated with AHA. The document warrants that AHA and each family will establish and adhere to safety standards and work together to mitigate risks and the spread of the virus. Please fill out the form by clicking HERE.
  2. You'll note at the bottom of page 12 that we will also be offering a full-time distancing learning option for students who are not comfortable with the hybrid model for any reason. 

We are excited and ready to welcome our 650 Stars safely back to this beautiful campus, and we extend a special welcome to our freshmen and transfer students. The teachers can hardly wait to see your child(ren) in person...with their masks on, of course! We look forward to staying vigilant, remaining flexible, and partnering with you, as always, while we travel through this year together as a strong and faith-filled school community.


Tom Shipley       Heidi Foley        
President             Principal