AHA Task Forces and Updated State Guidelines

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AHA Task Forces and Updated State Guidelines

Dear AHA Parents,

We hope your summer is off to a great start. It certainly has been exciting to see student-athletes back on campus, working with coaches, and reuniting safely with teammates. Last week the Minnesota Department of Health provided all schools in the State of Minnesota with a 2020-2021 Planning Guide. This document is an initial preview which provides the health considerations, policies, practices, and strategies that AHA and other Minnesota schools must implement in the reopening of schools in the fall. We have included the Planning Guide in its entirety for your review on our website. 

As parents, you need to be aware that we intend to be diligent in responding to all State requirements for a safe reopening while balancing the need to maintain our excellent academic program and ensuring that it effectively supports our faculty, staff, students, and the AHA Community at large. The Planning Guide directs schools to develop three (3) contingency scenarios to prepare for the 2020-21 school year. Specifically, they are:

Scenario 1: In-person learning for all students

Scenario 2: Hybrid model with strict social distancing and capacity limits

Scenario 3: Distance learning only

(The 2020-2021 Planning Guide is available here for your review and on the school’s website.)

The days that have followed our very special graduation ceremonies and school closing procedures have been highlighted by planning for the 2020-21 school year. As a board and administration, we have identified three major challenges we believe are imperative and require additional personnel resources. This will be advantageous and strategically position AHA in the fall. President Shipley commissioned three Task Forces: School Preparedness, School Culture Awareness, and Instructional Delivery Planning. You will find an abstract providing a brief overview of the task forces’ initial composition and direction here

As the summer progresses and specific recommendations evolve we will continue to communicate our work. Ultimately, the committees will set guidelines that will strategically provide a framework for the fall and the year to come.

In closing, we would like to thank our faculty, staff, students, and families for your willingness to be “flexible and positive” as we navigate the pandemic storm. We want to be clear that it is our intention to open school in the fall with our students and faculty on-site. We will go to extreme measures to follow whatever State guidelines are required to ensure we are compliant with the State of Minnesota, Archdiocese, and the CDC.  

Please stay positive, hopeful…and safe!

Tom Shipley