Josh Werle Earns Esteemed Nursing Scholarship

Josh Werle Earns Esteemed Nursing Scholarship

Josh Werle Earns Esteemed Nursing Scholarship

Senior Josh Werle earned a prestigious nursing scholarship from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. The Nancy Long Pesiri Scholarship is offered to only one nursing student in Marquette's College of Nursing every four years. It is worth $19,500 each year for four years, and it won’t be offered again until 2024.

Josh, son of AHA history teacher Steve Werle, received the news earlier this month. "A woman from the Marquette Admissions’s team called my mom and told her to put the phone on speaker because she had exciting news. She then proceeded to congratulate me on winning the scholarship," he recalled. "My parents and I all broke down because we know how significant this will be for our family. It means so much to our whole family, and we are eternally grateful." 

Josh's path to pursue pediatric nursing came from an inspiring personal connection. He said, "I decided to go into nursing after working for several summers as a personal care attendant (PCA) for a young boy named Ryan. Ryan shows me every day what a profound joy it is to work with him, and he inspired me to follow this path.”

At Holy Angels, Josh played tennis, soccer, and basketball. He participated in Sustainability Club and Justice Club and earned Blue and Gold Service Awards every year. He worked closely with his college counselor, Tina Proctor, in pursuit of his college and career aspirations. “Holy Angels has prepared me extremely well these last four years, and I owe sincere gratitude to everyone who made this possible,” he commented. “Mrs. Proctor, in particular, has been so helpful throughout the whole college process and has made a huge impact on me.” 

Upon hearing of Josh's scholarship, Mrs. Proctor said, "We are so proud of our 2020 AHA Stars for all they have achieved in high school, as well as in their future plans. Josh Werle is one of those students that is seeing his achievements and hard work paying off. A few years ago, Josh was deeply touched by the children he cared for during his mission trip to Haiti and was driven to want to care for those in need. He was asked to be a personal care assistant for a young man with special needs. He completed the training and has worked to help and build a relationship with this young man. Both of these experiences have helped him deepen his desire to help others as a nurse. His passion was recognized by Marquette University, first with his admission to their selective nursing program and then also when they awarded him their prestigious nursing scholarship that is given to only one student every four years. It is another amazing accomplishment for him, his family, and our school community."

When asked if he had advice for his fellow seniors during these challenging times, he said, “To the entire class of 2020, I would just say to continue to look forward to college and have faith that this will all be over soon.”

Congratulations to Josh!