Ten Years of The AHA WAY

Ten Years of The AHA WAY

Ten Years of The AHA WAY

2019 marks ten years since Academy of Holy Angels implemented The AHA Way, our school's program to intentionally create a caring, welcoming, inclusive, and respectful culture.

The AHA Way is the entire community's commitment to work as a team to achieve: 

  • A safe, welcoming, respectful and nurturing atmosphere for everyone,
  • A dedication to excellence in learning and a commitment to empowering everyone to achieve to their fullest, 
  • An environment, grounded in the Catholic faith, where everyone can grow spiritually.

As faculty, staff, students, and parents, we strive to abide by the four tenets of the program: to be part of the solution, to help others and ourselves succeed, to communicate "You Matter", and to honor the absent.

In recent months, our positive school culture and the way in which AHA students act both in and outside of the classroom has people taking notice. We were proud when many outside schools shared comments about the positive behavior and good sportsmanship of our girls' and boys' teams during the Class A State Soccer TournamentAt an all-school celebration of the boys' soccer state title this week, Principal Foley recognized this and shared with the student body, "Behind me is The AHA Way logo. We use it and follow it in the way that we treat each other, approach problems, and maneuver our way through each day of our lives. More than ever it seems, I have had people contact me to say how impressed they are by you - you students, you athletes, you staff members, you coaches. Coaches from other schools, officials, families from other schools - Hey, even the manager from the Perkins Restaurant called us to say how polite and well-spoken some of you were while eating there. Those things really matter. How you behave and treat others will make you a winner every time. Remember that; it’s a really important thing." 

We are so pleased that individuals both inside and outside of this school community are utilizing and experiencing The AHA Way - not only of late but over the course of the last ten years of the program as well. We remain committed to making Holy Angels a place where students, faculty, staff, parents, and guests experience peace, belonging and safety. It is our goal is to be an effective team working together to help members of AHA succeed spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially.  

To learn more about The AHA Way, click here or watch this video highlighting the program after it earned the MISF Best School Program award in 2017.