2019 Celebration Day Awards

2019 Celebration Day Awards

2019 Celebration Day Awards



On the beautiful sunny morning of May 31, 2019, Academy of Holy Angels students, faculty and staff were recognized during the 2019 Celebration Day ceremony on the front lawn of the school. Congratulations to all of this year's award winners!

Top Ten Students Academically in the Class of 2019
Valedictorian: Lexie Bennett
Salutatorian: Grace Bureau
3. Matthew Keller
4. Natalie Waschbusch
5. Ian Delgadillo Bonequi
6. Matthew Yokanovich
7. Ben Meyer
8. Davis Thalhuber
9. Sophia Brunko
10. Erin Bauer

Seraphine Ireland Chapter of the National Honor Society
A faculty committee selected these students for their accomplishments in scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

Valerie Aguirre, Natalia Alfonzo Mudoy, Matthew Anderson, Samuel Anderson, Margaret Arms, Erin Bauer, Holly Becker, Lexie Bennett, Zachary Benz, Nina Breher, Sophia Brunko, Grace Bureau, Garrett Burns, Lucy Carey, Katie Cullen, Lauren Erazmus, Jack Fitzgibbons, Kyle Frank, Isabella Franklin, Ian Gazich, Cameron Hake, Jack Hendrickson, Mitch Hendrickson, Jacob Hilla, Erin Kammueller, Matthew Keller, Katelyn Kochanowski, Emmy Lacek, Marie LaFrance, Matthew Letellier, Justin Lockwood, Nate Maisel, Grace Maloney, Haley Marxer, Olivia Matthes, Megan Meckey, Megan Menke, Ben Meyer, Kelly O’Connor, Caitlin O’Donnell, Madysen Palmer, Gihara Perera, Ryan Plunkett, Julia Prins, Sophia Radam, Katrina Reynolds, Kalia Russell, Anuli Steve-Chinatu, Ella Sullivan, Davis Thalhuber, Annabelle Theirl, Diego Theisen, Thanh Tran, Anh Vo, John Vollmers, Anna Walth, Maddie Walth, Michael Warner, Natalie Waschbusch, Aidan Zent

STEM Diploma
The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Diploma recognizes students who have dedicated themselves to mastery of this rigorous course of study and who can demonstrate and apply 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration in both curricular and co-curricular areas. 

Valerie Aguirre, Natalia Alfonzo Mudoy, Maggie Arms, Erin Bauer, Holly Becker, Lexie Bennett, Sophia Brunko, Garrett Burns, Siyuan “Sharon” Chen, Katie  Cullen, Ian Delgadillo Bonequi, Lauren Erazmus, Kyle Frank, Ian Gazich, Cameron Hake, Jacob Hilla, Grace Hillen, Matthew Keller, Katelyn Kochanowski, Emmy Lacek, Theresa Lang, Matthew Letellier, Megan Meckey, Megan Menke, Abigail Meyer, Benjamin Meyer, Max O’Brien, Henry Oberst, Madysen Palmer, Matthew Pastrana, Gihara Perera, Andrew Phan, Gia Phuong Phan, Matthew Podas, Julia Prins, Jaila Robinson, DJ Ruehling, Ellie Schaffer, Zach Sennentz, Ella Sullivan, Yukai “Jacky” Tang, Davis Thalhuber, Annabelle Theirl, Anh Vo, John Vollmers, Maddie Walth, Natalie Waschbusch, Jack Wold, Matthew Yokanovich, Zane Zbacnik


Theater Diploma
The Theater Diploma recognizes students who have focused their electives credits in the theater curriculum and related studies. The following seniors have met the requirements for the Theater Diploma designation in either the Acting or Design/Technical Track. 
Grace Bureau, Jake Hilla, Anna Krieger, Jake Mangel

World Language Proficiency

Academy of Holy Angels and the MN Department of Education would like to recognize the superior efforts of our students who achieve bilingual or multilingual proficiency before graduation. These students have demonstrated language abilities in a second language according to national language standards and state approved testing protocols.

  • Certificate: Jack Hendrickson, Henry Oberst, Ryan Plunkett, Natalie Waschbusch

  • Gold Bilingual Seal: Natalia Alfonzo Mudoy, Nina Breher, Sophia Brunko, Erin Kammueller, Asron Sanchez, Diego Theisen, Maddie Walth 

  • Platinum Bilingual Seal: Diana Bautista Hernandez, Holly Becker, Grace Bureau, Ian Delgadillo-Bonequi, Litzy Silva Sandoval. Oscar Juarez Sanchez is also a Gold Bilingual Seal Recipient and will recognized with a seal on his diploma next year.


2019 National Merit Commended Scholars
Ian Delgadillo Bonequi, Maddie Walth, Matthew Yokanovich

National Hispanic Recognition Scholar
The College Board annually recognizes students who test in the top 2.5% among Hispanic and Latino PSAT test takers in the region
Natalia Alfonzo Mudoy 

Advanced Placement Scholars
The College Board recognizes  students who average a score of 3.0 or higher on three or more AP exams taken in the spring of 2018
Natalia Alfonzo Mudoy, Sophia Brunko, Grace Bureau, Cameron Hake, Jack Hendrickson, Erin Kammueller, Megan Menke, Ben Meyer, Kalia Russell, Maddie Walth, Natalie Waschbusch

Advanced Placement Scholars with Honor
The College Board recognizes students who average a score of 3.25 on all AP exams taken in the spring of 2017 and for receiving a score of 3 or higher on four or more exams
Erin Bauer, Lexie Bennett, Matthew Keller, Julia Prins

2019 Senior Academic Letters

Scholar of Distinction Chevron Awards
Seniors who have maintained a grade point average of a 4.0 or higher during their senior year
Erin Bauer, Holly Becker, Lexie Bennett, Zach Benz, Sophia Brunko, Grace Bureau, Ian Delgadillo Bonequi, Lauren Erazmus, Isabella Franklin, Ian Gazich, Cameron Hake, Jack Hendrickson, Erin Kammueller, Matthew Keller, Matthew Letellier, Gia Phuong Phan, Ryan Plunkett, Julia Prins, Kalia Russell, Litzy Silva-Sandoval, Ella Sullivan, Davis Thalhuber, Thanh Tran, Anh Vo, John Vollmers, Anna Walth, Madeline Walth, Natalie Waschbusch, Matthew Yokanovich, Di Yu, Aidan Zent

High Honors Chevron Awards
Seniors who have maintained a grade point average of 3.6667 or higher during their senior year
Sam Anderson, Matt Anderson, Maggie Arms, Garrett Burns, Lucy Carey, Siyuan Chen, Kuntepi Chetana, Katie Cullen, Mitch Hendrickson, Jacob Hilla, Grace Hillen, Katelyn Kochanowski, Emmy Lacek, Marie LaFrance, Erik Larson, Justin Lockwood, Grace Maloney, Jacob Mangel, Haley Marxer, Olivia Matthes, Megan Meckey, Megan Menke, Caitlin O’Donnell, Henry Oberst, Madysen Palmer, Sophie Radam, Jaila Robinson, David Ruehling, Eleanor Schaffer, Anuli Steve-Chinatu, Annabelle Theirl, Michael Warner, Jack Wold, Zane Zbacnik, Xunhao Zhang

High Honor Letters 
Nam Le, Haoming Li, Jiachen Ma, Zhaoru Zhu

Academically Top-Ranking Student
Recognized for achieving the highest cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale at the end of Trimester II

  • Ninth Grade: Caitlin O’Rourke, Luke Szopa
  • Tenth Grade: Kyleigh Zent 
  • Eleventh Grade: Sharon Kim

Alpha Iota Chapter of the National Honor Society of German
Recognizes high school scholastic achievement in the study of German. To be eligible, students must have completed their third semester of German and must have attained an overall GPA of 3.0 and a German GPA of 3.6. 

  • Seniors - Level 4: Michael Ignacio, Theresa Lang, Matthew Letellier, Grace Martin, Davis Thalhuber, Michelle Tersteeg, Leah Voxland, Natalie Waschbusch, Aidan Zent
  • Juniors - Level 3: Matt Banovetz, Carter Murawski, Gabe Stark
  • Sophomores - Level 2: Lauren Briggs, Maria Davies, Sheillah Mathenge, Emma Powers, Nick Rukavina, Andrew Stark, Gretchen Steininger

2019 American Association of Teachers of German National Exam

  • Level 4: Matthew Letellier
  • Level 3: Matt Banovetz, Gabe Stark
  • Level 2: Emma Power, Nick Rukavina, Gretchen Steininger 

2019 State French Competition

  • White ribbon for 'very well done': Tatum Grubbs, Kit Piper-Hauswirth, Sydney Snyder
  • Red ribbon for 'very well done': Ruth Arms, Ember Chetana, Oscar Juarez-Sanchez, Megan Meckey, Sharon Kim, Hunter Lutgen, Emma Master, Princess Ofori, Liam Sheely, Anh Vo, Julia Vu
  • Blue rubbon for 'excellent performance': Anuli Steve-Chinatu (who received blue ribbons in two different categories), Valerie Aguirre, Margaret Arms, Erin Bauer, Brendan Carter, Eva DeSimone, Paige Hoefer, Melphis Mathenge, Ashley Niola, Finn Olson, Kalia Russell, Lindsey Specht


National Spanish Exam

Honorable Mention 

  • Spanish I: Vivian Alexander, Alan Brady, Charlie Broveleit, Declan Burke, Anthony Campion, Carter Hermanson, Noah Hermanson, Paul Kamin, Olivia Keller, Zdenek Kratky, Alex Lesnar, Richard Nelson, Logan Olson, Grace Roscoe, Cari Warmka, Lily Zeller
  • Spanish II: Kathryn Alexander, Makae Brieschke, Maria Burkstrand, VJ Dang, Abigail Hartberg, Isabel Marin-Torres, Connor Niznick, Kelly Zschokke
  • Spanish III: Will Ballard, Amelia Burkstrand, Atanairy Carrillo-Montes, Moira Daley, Ingrid Fellows, Sarah Fisher, Sydney Gengler, Taylor Gengler, Gretchen Hansen, Alexander Knoll, Ally Lacek, Molly Laird, Lauren Link, Ava Schneeberger, Caeden Phelps, Anna Youmans
  • Spanish IV: William Eikens, Sophia Nimsger, Julie Pliego-Cuevas

Bronze Catergory

  • Spanish I: Ella Anderson, Hannah Carlson, Catherine Duffy-Shaw, Annabella Near, Clara Pederson, Avary Reichel, Alexa Wilgenbusch
  • Spanish II: Paige Block, Sofia Day, Madeleine Luskey, Keelie Plessner, Madelyn Stine, Maggie Wells
  • Spanish III: Savannah Allen, Renee France, Hailey VonSee, Alyssa Wilgenbusch
  • Spanish IV: Ingrid Blanco-Abundez, Joe Eiden, Ian Gazich, Evy Geitzenauer, Nathan Kesti, Kate Paulus, Primo Meschini

Silver Category

  • Spanish 1: Maureen Boland, Alex Calvo, Grace Fitzgibbons, Theodore Paul Kariuki, Lauren VonSee, Maria Zeien
  • Spanish II: Calista Cardenas, Buruktawit Hailu, Lucy Kammueller, Luke Szopa
  • Spanish III: Jennifer Ballina-Mendez, Victoria Johnson, Griffin Olson, Jake Steinlage
  • Spanish IV: Charlie Erickson, Grace Rogers


Gold Category

  • Spanish I: Bridget Gurin, Thomas Keller
  • Spanish II: Claire Curtis
  • Spanish IV: Carly Neville, Matthew Yokanovich


American Mathematics Competition

Sharon Kim

Literary Merit Club
The Literary Merit Club is open to all students who want to read and discuss books outside of the English classroom. The students and staff have an opportunity to converse about literature on a more informal level. Students receive recognition for their participation on their transcripts.

  • Honorable Mention (for students who’ve read 5 or more books): Claire Curtis, Carley Neville, Alexa Wilgenbusch
  • Bronze Award (for students who’ve read 10 or more books): Kuntepi Chetana, Meghan Eikens, Nhi Luong, Kevin Shea
  • Silver Award (for students who’ve read 15 or more books): Oscar Juarez-Sanchez
  • Gold Award (for students who’ve read 20 books): Fridline Alcenat, Makae Brieschke, Moira Daley, Danielle Davis, Catherine Kenny, Nathan Kesti, Alyssa Wilgenbusch
  • Platinum Award (for students who read 25 books): Erin Kammueller, Haley Marxer, Gia Phan

Scholarships & Achievements

A number of our graduates have informed us that they have received scholarships for the schools they will be attending in the fall. Because we share in the pride of these accomplishments, we will announce the awards. This year’s senior class was awarded $16.7 million in scholarship funds. They have accepted $5.1 million to be used at the colleges in which they have chosen to enroll.

Valerie Aguirre University of MN President’s Emerging Scholars Award
Matthew Anderson Saint John's University President's Scholarship
Samuel Anderson Saint John's University President's Scholarship
Kaitlyn Arentz Lees-McRae College Pinnacle Scholarship

Erin Bauer

Dr. George T. O'Hearn Memorial ScholarshipShakopee Dollars for Scholars Award

Diana Bautista-Hernandez

Southern Methodist Excellence Scholarship
Holly Becker Wells Fargo Dependent Children ScholarshipBernie’s Montessori School Scholarship
Lexie Bennett Drake University Presidential ScholarshipDrake University Trustee ScholarshipShakopee Dollars for Scholars Award
Zachary Benz Anoka Lodge Scholarship
Logan Block St. Thomas Scholarship
Sophia Brunko University of Minnesota Iron Range Scholarship
Grace Bureau Gustavus Adolphus Presidential ScholarshipGustavus Adolphus Trustee Scholarship
Brendan Burke Marquette University Pere Marquette Award
Garrett Burns Richfield VFW Scholarship
Isabelle DeGrace St. Thomas Scholarship
Ian Delgadillo-Bonequi St. Thomas Scholarship
Jack Fitzgibbons Montana State Achievement Award
Peter Foley St. Thomas Scholarship
Greta Forseth Colorado College Athletic Scholarship-Soccer
Kyle Frank Marquette University Pere Marquette AwardShakopee Dollars for Scholars Award
Isabella Franklin St. Olaf Presidential ScholarshipSt. Olaf Service Leadership Scholarship
Max Gerstner Hamline University Honors Scholarship
Rosa Gomez University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Diversity Achievement Scholarship
Lizzy Graves St. Thomas ScholarshipHNI Corporation Scholarship
Jack Hendrickson Minnesota Vikings Community Captains Award
Mitch Hendrickson Minnesota Vikings Community Captains Award
Jacob Hilla Hamline Presidential ScholarshipHamline Science Scholarship
Michael Ignacio Saint John's President's Scholarship
Maddie Jackson St. Thomas Scholarship
Erin Kammueller College of Saint Benedict Trustees' ScholarshipCollege of Saint Benedict Music ScholarshipCollege of Saint Benedict Legacy Scholarship
Matthew Keller University of Minnesota Presidential ScholarshipDonaldson Foundation Scholarship
Solomon Kenefick University of St. Thomas Scholarship
Kevin Kneeland Creighton University Award
Katelyn Kochanowski Rockhurst University Knapp ScholarshipRockhurst University Athletic Scholarship-Lacrosse
Anna Krieger Loyola University Chicago Rambler Award
Marie LaFrance Marquette University Pere Marquette Award
Justin Lockwood University of Southern California University Scholarship
Leah Lood St. Bonaventure University Achievement Award
Nate Maisel Arizona State University New American University Scholar-Provost’s AwardItalian American Student Scholarship
Grace Maloney College of Saint Benedict Trustees' Scholarship
Jacob Mangel Belmont University Merit Scholarship
Grace Martin Marquette University Pere Marquette Award
Timothy Martin College of St. Scholastica Benedictine Scholarship
Olivia Matthes University of Minnesota Richard C. Annett Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship
Megan Meckey University of Portland Anchor AwardUniversity of Portland President’s Scholarship
Megan Menke Drake University Presidential Scholarship
Ben Meyer Montana State University Achievement Award
Alex Mocol St. Thomas Scholarship
Max O’Brien North Dakota State University Freshman Academic Award
Kelly O’Connor University of Denver Pioneer Scholarship

Caitlin O’Donnell

St. Catherine University Presidential ScholarshipRichfield VFW Scholarship
Madysen Palmer Dr. Donald S. Cameron Scholarship
Matthew Pastrana St. Thomas Scholarship
Gihara Perera Marquette University Pere Marquette AwardDr. Donald S. Cameron Scholarship
Andrew Phan St. Thomas Scholarship
Gia Phan University of St. Thomas International Student Scholarship
Matthew Podas North Dakota State University Freshman Academic Award
Julia Prins Loyola Marymount University Arrupe ScholarshipLoyola Marymount University Early Action Award
Sophie Radam Marquette University Pere Marquette Award
Akela Rimstad Saint Mary's University Catholic High School ScholarshipSaint Mary’s University Trustee Scholarship
Jaila Robinson Saint Louis University Billiken Scholarship and Catholic High School AwardSchulze Family Foundation ScholarshipThe Links Inc. Scholarship
Maely Rodriguez Blanco St. Catherine University St. Catherine of Alexandria Scholarship
David Ruehling Butler University Academic Scholarship
Kalia Russell Miami University Academic ScholarsMiami University RedHawk Excellence Scholarship
Aaron Sanchez Garcia St. Thomas Award
Eleanor Schaffer Drake  Presidential Scholarship
Zachary Sennentz Marquette University Pere Marquette Award
Jennifer Shaller Lynn University Merit Scholarship
Thomas Shelstad St. Thomas Scholarship
Litzy Silva-Sandoval St. Catherine University Presidential Scholarship
Anuli Steve-Chinatu The Links, Inc. Scholarship
Ella Sullivan George Washington University Presidential Academic Scholarship
Davis Thalhuber Creighton Founder's Award
Annabelle Theirl University of Denver Dean Scholarship
Diego Theisen University of Wisconsin River Falls Diversity Success Award
Thanh Tran Indiana University Global Engagement Scholarship
Jessie Tschida St. Francis College Athletic Scholarship - Tennis
Anh Vo University of Minnesota Twin Cities Global Excellence Scholarship

John Vollmers

Saint John's University Siehl ScholarshipSaint John’s University Trustees’ ScholarshipSaint John’s University Scholarship
Michael Warner Winona State University Academic Award
Mikayla Warpeha St. John's University Queens Catholic Student ScholarshipSt. John’s University Queens Dean’s ScholarshipSt. John’s University St. Vincent DePaul Scholarship
Jack Wold St. Thomas ScholarshipRichfield Bloomington Credit Union ScholarshipACEC/MN Discover Engineering Program ScholarshipWings Financial Scholarship
Mason Wolf

Concordia University St. Paul Athletic Scholarship Baseball 
Concordia University St. Paul Concordia Scholarship Concordia University St. Paul Legacy ScholarshipPrior Lake Lions Graduate Scholarship

Matthew Yokanovich University of Minnesota Presidential Scholarship
Zane Zbacnik University of Minnesota Duluth Academic Scholarship
Aidan Zent University of Minnesota Duluth Academic ScholarshipUniversity of Minnesota Duluth U Promise Scholarship
Yimeng Zhen Sarah Lawrence International Scholarship


Sons of the American Revolution Bronze Good Citizen Award
Awarded for scholarship, leadership, character, service, and an appreciation of patriotism

  • Megan Meckey

The Marine Corp awards the Scholastic Excellence Award
For being an exemplary young citizen and role model. This student is being recognized for noteworthy academic achievements as well as leadership excellence.

  • Gia Aleman

Prudential Spirit of Community Award
Goes to a student to recognize him or her for a high level of volunteerism in the state of Minnesota

  • Natalia Alfonzo-Mudoy

United States Marines National Scholar/Athlete Program
Recognizes students for demonstrated success in academics and athletics

  • Kalia Russell

Minnesota Boys State Representatives 
Stevan Blauert, Griffin Olson, Mitchell Farnham, Josh Werle, Charlie Erickson

Minnesota Girls State Representatives
Paige Hoefer, Kate Paulus, Molly Elmer, Princess Ofori, Anna Youmans, Ashley Niola, Lindsay Specht, Kate Dysart, Melphis Mathenge

HOBY Leadership Seminar
Calista Cardenas

Harvard Book Award
Given to an outstanding member of the junior class who demonstrates excellence in scholarship and high character, as well as achievement in other non-academic areas
Charles Erickson

Yale Book Award
In recognition of outstanding personal character and intellectual promise
Jake Steinlage

Dartmouth Book Award
Given to a member of the junior class who demonstrates strong personal character and scholarship and who has made a positive contribution to the school community
Kathryn Paulus

Wellesley Book Award

Given to a female member of the junior class whose academic record and character are exceptional and who has also made significant personal contributions to her school and/or community
Molly Elmer

Miami University of Ohio Book Award
In recognition of outstanding personal character, involvement in extra-curricular activities and intellectual promise
Kate Dysart

Sewanee University of the South Book Award
Given to a member of the junior class who has shown scholarship, leadership, demonstrated excellence in writing and is notable for potential future success as a writer
Oscar Juarez Sanchez

St. Michael's Book Award
Given to two juniors for outstanding leadership, service and character within the National Honor Society
Griffin Olson, Rachel Larson

High Point University Book Award
Distinguished honor for high school students who not only show great academic and social prowess, but also model an intuitive, growth mindset as well as demonstrated excellence and service in and out of the classroom
Finn Olson

Villanova University Book Award
Presented to a high school junior who has demonstrated academic excellence in a challenging curriculum, a commitment to serving those less fortunate in their greater community, and embodies a sense of school and community spirit as an example to others
Griffin Olson

George Washington Book Award
Awarded to a high school junior who has demonstrated excellence in upholding the values of academic excellence, leadership outside the classroom, diversity of thought and the ability to put knowledge into action
Conor O'Rourke

Brandeis Book Award for Social Action and Civic Engagement
Presented to an outstanding junior in the top 10% of the class who demonstrates a commitment to civic engagement, community service, political activism, social justice or volunteer work
Melphis Mathenge

Minnesota Department of Education in the Scholars of Distinction in Theater Arts program
This is extremely rigorous program of study that requires focused dedication and commitment for the better part of 5 months. There is an initial application, submitted written portfolio, a performance review, and audition/interview involved. About 100 students a year apply, of those 40% continue with the portfolio, and only 20 candidates are invited back for the final audition/interview. Each scholar receives a medal of distinction and a certificate as well as a financial scholarship at a formal ceremony.

  • Sri Peck - Scholar of Distinction in Theater Arts, Meritorious Performance, Musical Theater
  • Grace Bureau - Scholar of Distinction in Theater Arts, Acting
  • Anuli Steve-Chinatu - Scholar of Distinction in Theater Arts, Stage Management and Design

Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
Recognition of outstanding achievement and superior intellectual promise in the field of science
Nathan Kesti

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal
Given to a junior who has demonstrated potential for success in a challenging academic setting, excels in math and science courses and has exhibited significant involvement in extracurricular activities
Sharon Kim

AHA faculty-chosen awards
Ceramics: Cameron Hake
Drawing: Maddie Jackson
Painting: Natalia Alfonzo Mudoy
Photography: Nhi Luong
Computer Art: Joey Sipple
Computer Science: Freddy Pei
English: Erin Kammueller, Grace Bureau
Industrial Technology: Nicholas Hardcopf
Math: Lexie Bennett, Ian Delgadillo Bonequi, Matthew Keller, Russell Li, Anh Vo, Matthew Yokanovich, Gia Phan 
Biology Award: Katelyn Kochanowski
Chemistry Award: Finn Olson
Physics AwardIan: Delgadillo Bonequi
Social Studies: Megan Meckey
French: Erin Bauer, Kuntepi Chetana, Margaret Arms
German: Natalie Waschbusch, Matthew Letellier
Spanish: Litzy Silva-SandovalMatt Yokanovich
Chinese: John Vollmers, Grace Hillen

100% Attendance (senior year)
Maggie Arms

2019 AHA Yearbook Staff
Has won the National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award
Mr. Gorrill and the current yearbook staff

Music Awards
The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Haley Marxer
The John Phillip Sousa Award: Erin Kammueller
Concert Band Most Valuable Member Award: Irene Zhen
Music Department Outstanding Vocalist Award: Jake Mangel
St. Cecilia Spirit of Music Award: Michael Ignacio, Grace Bureau, Erin Kammueller, Anuli Steve-Chinatu, Katie Jamieson
American Choral Director’s Award: Katelyn Fischer
Choir Most Valuable Member Award: Jac Campbell
Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Andrew Mills

Theater Department Awards
Starlight Technical Awards: Ember Chetana, Michelle Tersteeg
Starlight Acting Awards: Jake Mengel, Grace Bureau
Starlight Productions Director's Choice Awrd: Kate Dysart
Mother Seraphine Ireland Outstanding Senior in Theater Award: Anuli Steve-Chinatu

Star Activities Award
Given to a senior who has excelled in activities including the arts, academic clubs, intramural activities, and/or student leadership
Grace Bureau

Academics-Arts-Athletics Award

From the Minnesota State High School League, presented to a senior that has

  • achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • actively participated in a League-sponsored athletic program and
  • performed in a League-sponsored fine arts activity

Mae Longo

Athena Award
Presented annually by the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce to an Outstanding Woman Athlete
Jaila Robinson

Tim Sullivan Award
Awarded to a senior(s) for being the most spirited hockey player
Mitch and Jack Hendrickson

AHA Star Athletic Award
Each year the coaches and administration select one graduate to be honored for outstanding contribution to athletics at Holy Angels
Thomas Shelstad

All State
Girls Soccer: Gia Aleman, Greta Forseth, Renee France
Dance - Jazz: Evy Geitzenhauer, Jaila Robinson
Boys Soccer: Conor O’Rourke
Volleyball: Lauren Link
Football: Mitch Hendrickson
Girls Basketball: Frankie Vascellero

Academic All State - Team
Girls Swim, Girls Tennis, Volleyball, Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Football, Boys Soccer, Boys Tennis, Girls Lacrosse

Academic All State - Individual
Football: Mitch Hendrickson
Volleyball: Megan Meckey
Boys Tennis: Ian Gazich, Ryan Plunkett
Girls Lacrosse: Madysen Palmer, Lauren Erazmus, Madeline Walth, Anna Walth, Jordyn Mans

State Tournament Appearance - Individual
Sydney Burns, Alpine Ski
Mark Longhenry, Boys Golf

State Tournament Appearance - Team
Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Math Team, Boys Basketball, Boys Track, One Act, Girls Table Tennis, Knowledge Bowl, Girls Basketball

State All Tournament Team
Girls Soccer: Gia Aleman, Sydney Burns
Boys Soccer: Conor O’Rourke, Porter Ball
Boys Basketball: Max Gerstner
Girls Basketball: Frankie Vascellero, Emma Mastre

Section Academic Champion
Boys Basketball Class AAA-Section 5

All Conference
Boys Basketball: Matt Banovetz, Thor Holien, Charles Johnson
Nordic Ski: Caitlin O’Donnell
Girls Basketball: Emma Mastre, Frankie Vascellero
Girls Tennis: Jessie Tschida
Alpine Ski: Sydney Burns, Olivia Lewis, Harry Mellas
Cross Country: Liam Sheeley, Jack Peschel, Jack Schutz, Jake Bennett, Matt Keller
Dance: Evy Geitzenauer, Lizzie Graves, Jailia Robinson, Morgan Zangs
Boys Soccer: Conor O’Rourke, Zach Benz, Davis Thalhuber, Mackie Zabinski, Porter Ball, Carter Hermanson
Girls Soccer: Greta Forseth, Gia Aleman, Renee France, Megan Kelly, Katrina Reynolds
Volleyball: Kate Arentz, Lauren Link, Marie LaFrance
Speech: Nina Breher, Kate Dysart, Molly Elmer, Kate Paulus
Football: Jack Hendrickson, Mitch Hendrickson, Tommy Shelstad, Rook Rowe, Reed Lewis, Tristin Wiggins
Girls Hockey: Bridget McGuire
Baseball: Mason Wolf, Max Gerstner, Cooper Smith
Boys Golf: Mark Longhenry, Brady Fetzer, Kyle Frank, Nate Maisel
Boys Tennis: Matt Banovetz, Ian Gazich, Jack Wold, Josh Werle, Jack Peschel
Girls Track: Isabelle Henry, Jaila Robinson, Olivia Keller, Caroline Carson
Boys Track: Tristan Wiggins, Mitch Hendrickson, Mackie Zabinski, Jake Bennett, Seth Owens
Softball: Rachel Kawiecki, Leah Lood

Boys Lacrosse - 2nd Team: Mitch Hendrickson

Tri-Metro Conference Honors Choir
Jac Campbell, Mandie Flint, Katelyn Fischer

Tri Metro Conference Honor Band
VJ Dang, Kate Dysart, Erin Kammueller, Rachel Heinz, Andrew Mills

Tri-Metro Player of the Year
Girls Basketball: Francesca Vascellero

All Metro
Football: Mitch Hendrickson
Boys Soccer: Conor O’Rourke

Conference Champions:
Boys Soccer, Boys Tennis, Boys Cross Country, Dance, Football, Boys Golf

TRIA Orthopaedic Center
Awards a yearly scholarship of $1500 each to one male and one female student who demonstrate drive and determination in academics, citizenship and athletics
Emmett Johnson, Kassandra Caron


AHA Star Service Award
Each year, the staff selects a senior to receive an award which represents outstanding service to the school community throughout high school years. 
Emmy Lacek

AHA Student Government Award
Given to the senior on Student Government who best exemplifies service, dedication and leadership, promoting the values of Holy Angels Student Government.
Megan Meckey

Kopp Family Foundation
Two college-bound seniors will each receive a scholarship today for the college of their choice from the Kopp Family Foundation. Selection of the recipients is based on academic achievement, leadership, and service within the Academy community and active support of activities.

  • Andrew Phan
  • Akela Rimstad

Banovetz Memorial Scholarship
Created in 1993 in memory of Dr. John Banovetz, the award will be given to two juniors who exhibit high academic and co-curricular skills. 

  • Andy Cao
  • Melphis Mathenge


AHA Community Association Staff Service and Dedication Award 
Given to a staff member who encompasses living out the AHA Way in their daily role at Holy Angels. This non-teaching staff member may have helped you/your family, or you may have witnessed this person assisting others in the AHA community.
Carolyn Arnebeck

Jill Reilly Recognition Fund
This awards honors Dr. Reilly’s tenure as the longest standing president and her years of service to Academy of Holy Angels. The Jill Reilly Recognition fund was established to support teacher initiatives that enhance our programs at the Academy of Holy Angels.  

  • Malia Lahr - a grant to support her masters studies in conservation and environmental stewardship
  • Sarah Miles - a grant to create a curriculum for a summer reading class to raise reading comprehension levels
  • Elizabeth Moravec - a grant to purchase additional supplementary materials and curriculum work to enhance our anatomy and physiology curriculum


We pay special tribute to our community members who retire this year:  

  • Phil Tritabaugh
  • Randy Nelson


Thomas S. Noonan Instructional Achievement Award 
Presented each year to teachers in a core subject area who have made significant contributions to nurture student achievement, particularly during the current school year. To honor the work of the AHA teachers and remember Mr. Noonan, a plaque with the names of winners will be placed in the main office.

  • Donna Poshusta for her work in and out of the math classroom


Mary Norris Lunde Class of 1938 Award of Excellence 
Presented to a staff member making outstanding contributions to the education, faith, and well being of Academy students. The recipient is selected from criteria developed by the AHA Board of Trustees and the Lunde family. Each member of the Student Government individually nominates one staff member. The Lunde family reads the nominations and selects the winner.   

  • Jim Gunderson


St. Thomas More Medal
Which originated in 1974, is presented to the senior boy who most exemplifies the qualities of Christian life. A special St. Thomas More Medal has been created solely for the Academy of Holy Angels. 

  • Davis Thalhuber


Mary Medal
Which originated in 1954, is presented to the senior girl who most exemplifies qualities of the Christian Life. A special Mary Medal has been created solely for the Academy of Holy Angels.

  • Megan Meckey