6th Annual All School Service Day

6th Annual All School Service Day

6th Annual All School Service Day

The Academy of Holy Angels (AHA) community will celebrate its 6th annual All School Service Day on Thursday, May 23, 2019. On this day, we aim to engage the full community in meaningful service and highlight and celebrate servant leadership.  

The morning will begin with mass presided by Father Mike Tix. After mass, over 725 AHA community members will disperse and cumulatively volunteer over 2,200 hours of our time and talents to local Twin Cities organizations

After enjoying lunch back on campus, students will participate in a closing Katie Steiner, WCCOprogram with guest emcee Katie Steiner, WCCO news reporter (pictured right). Katie previously worked at Academy of Holy Angel. The program will include the presentation of Blue and Gold Service Awards and feature capstone speaker Wayne Bugg from St. Vincent de Paul - Twin Cities. 

All School Service Day is the culmination of two key components of Academy of Holy Angels' mission to serve others and to educate students for life. As a reflection of these beliefs, we are one of the only local high schools in which service is a graduation requirement; and as such, we have celebrated All School Service Day since 2014.  In response to the Gospel call to serve others, the Church's call to witness as disciples, the Sisters of St. Joseph call to serve the "dear neighbor" and AHA's mission to serve selflessly, it is the desire of AHA to form students to be people of service in their daily lives.

By consistently serving throughout the year for four years, Holy Angels graduates will have gained a deeper understanding of themselves, the needs of their community, the root causes of important social concerns such as poverty, hunger, discrimination, violence, consumerism, and the treatment of those who are marginalized.  

2019 Capstone Speaker: Wayne Bugg

Wayne Bugg, who grew up in the inner city of Harvey, IL, was a troubled teen, and at the age of 15 he got expelled from school and left the state. After moving to Minnesota and with the encouragement from members of the St. Vincent de Paul - Twin Cities and others, Wayne re-enrolled in school. At the age of 19, he earned his General Education Degree (G.E.D.) and went on to graduate college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management. Wayne has worked for the St. Vincent de Paul - Twin Cities for over 20 years and currently serves as their associate executive director. He is married with five children and has been an active church member for many years.