STARS Connection - Week of September 17, 2018

STARS Connection - Week of September 17, 2018

STARS Connection - Week of September 17, 2018


Parent Newsletter from Academy of Holy Angels
Week of September 17, 2018

Coming up this weekCOMING UP THIS WEEK

Friday, Sept. 14th: 2018-19 PACC online registration deadline 

In addition to our robust AP program, AHA offers another way for students to earn college credit through PACC-approved courses (Program for Advanced College Credit). This week, teachers of PACC classes will be giving students an informational letter along with online application instructions. PACC courses are accredited by St. Mary's and give AHA students college credit for earning passing grades in the following AP and non-AP classes: US History, Spanish IV, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Language & Composition, Literature & Composition, Calculus AB, and Statistics. Read more about PACC, and if you have any questions about the program or application process, contact the program coordinator and counselor Matt O'Leary (, the teacher of the course, or Principal Heidi Foley. Again, the firm deadline for online application is Friday, September 14th, and payments made out to AHA are due October 5th. Checks can be brought to Mr. O'Leary or the main office. We hope students take advantage of this affordable opportunity. Thank you!

Friday, Sept 14th: Last call for volunteers - Stars Are Out Tonight

Join our entire AHA community in our 8th annual STARS Are Out Tonight party on Friday 9/14 from 5 - 7 p.m. This is our back-to-school event for family and friends of all ages, including inflatable games, activities, food and fun on the new turf field! Invite middle school families to join in the festivities. We are still in need of a few more volunteers from approximately 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. If interested, contact Sarah Hauer

Friday, Sept 14th: Freshmen & Freshmen Parent Mixers 

Freshmen and their parents are invited to separately held mixers at AHA on Friday September 14. The student mixer starts at 4:00 p.m. and the parent mixer is from 5:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. Freshmen parents will gather in the Commons/Annex at 5:15 p.m. and the program will begin at 5:30 p.m. Please join us to meet other 9th grade parents, enjoy a complimentary dinner and free admission into the football game vs. St. Louis Park. There will be an area in the football stands reserved for 9th grade parents. The freshmen student mixer is planned and led by the senior students in the Campus Ministry program and the parent mixer is sponsored by the AHA Parent Association. Don't miss it!

Wednesday, Sept 19th: Late start

Wednesday, September 19th is a Professional Learning Community (PLC) day for AHA teachers who gather before school for department and grade-level meetings. School starts late for students at 8:25 a.m. Buses run at their regular times, and there's supervision at school for students who arrive early.

Friday, Sept 21st: Parent Breakfast - Be Part of It!

It's showtime! Please join us at school on Friday, September 21st from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. to hear from school leadership about exciting future initiatives planned for AHA and how your child will benefit.  A continental breakfast will be served. Kindly RSVP so we can plan accordingly by emailing

Friday, Sept 21st: Free practice ACT for juniors

Junior parents, the entire junior class will take a free practice ACT test on Friday, September 21 during the school day.  The test is provided by Sylvan Learning Center who will then provide the results of the test to parents at a “Score Back” meeting on Tuesday, November 13 in the Theater at 6:30 p.m.  Juniors will be testing from 1st through 5th or 6th hour so theyshould bring a snack for their break as they will likely test through their lunch period. Juniors will be released for the day when they complete their test. As a reminder, Friday, 9/21 is an E Schedule Early Dismissal day with the school day ending at 1:00 p.m.  If your student is ill or absent on September 21, they can still take the Practice ACT at Sylvan's Edina location. Email Ms. Kjorstad for more information.  If you have any questions about the Practice ACT, please contact Ms. Kjorstad at

Counselor visits 

Counselors will visit 9th grade theology classes next week to introduce themselves, explain how they work with students and families, and lead a holistic lesson on academic success and study strategies.  

We want you to know



Information for parents about vaping


The use of e-cigarettes or other vaping devices by high school students is growing. A recent survey has found that more than 2 million middle school, high school and college students use these battery-powered devices. E-cigarettes and like devices are by far the most popular tobacco product among teens. Our students at Holy Angels are not immune to the temptation to use these products. One of the best ways to prevent their use is information.

Vaping is one of the current trends hitting schools and vaping devices are far more difficult for parent, teachers and school officials to detect than cigarettes. Besides vaping, the use of e-cigarettes may be referred to as juuling.


What is “vaping”?

  • “Vaping” refers to the inhalation of a vaporized nicotine/propylene glycol solution through an e-cigarette. As a popular alternative to traditional tobacco products, “vapes” are often small, battery powered devices that can be carried around conveniently in a pocket. The term juuling is derived from Juul, a brand of vaping device which is similar in size and shape to a USB flash drive.

  • The inhaled vapor provides a flavor and sensation similar to that of tobacco smoke, while no tobacco, smoke, or combustion is involved in an e-cig’s operation.

  • Vaping is a tempting social activity for many potential reasons - advanced marketing schemes, the discreet size and minimal vapor release, etc.


What’s the danger?

  • It is illegal for minors to purchase, possess, or attempt to purchase an e-cigarette. 

  • Nicotine is addictive and increases blood pressure and heart rate. Teens are more susceptible to these effects. The nicotine level in a Juul device equals one packet of cigarettes,

  • Beyond nicotine, numerous other chemicals have been discovered in vapor from e-cigs, including a host of metals.

  • There is no current government regulation or safety standards on the manufacturing of e-cigs or their contents. We can’t determine the substances found within with any certainty, and product claims cannot be substantiated. There are very few reputable studies out there giving us an idea of what students may be ingesting, and while the FDA is beginning to crack down on sale to minors, progress is slow.
  • Most importantly, introducing any chemical into the highly malleable, developing teenage brain is a bad idea. It’s just not worth the risk.

What's our goal?

  • Our first goal is to keep students healthy and safe. Educating them on the dangers of vaping is essential. This will be done at convocations, by counselors in classrooms, and through the AHA health curriculum, which is a 4-year curriculum.

  • As covered in the AHA Chemical Health Policy, students who vape are subject to the same consequences as anyone using tobacco, and penalties will be strictly enforced.

  • Additionally, this year, in collaboration with staff, select student leadership groups will help to educate all students on the risks and realities of this growing trend. We intend to encourage students to speak up and take responsibility for their health and wellness.


What can parents do?


  • Talk to you student about what they may be putting into their body because they need to know how vaping changes the chemistry in the brain.

  • Speak about the control the manufacturers exert with their products and that they do not have their best interest in mind. Don’t let these companies control them.

  • Juul vaping deviceKeep an eye out for the e-cig and Juul devices (example pictured). They are unobtrusive and can easily be carried in a backpack or left on a desk or table and not recognized as a smoking device.

  • Here is a link to story on “Juuling” at school from ABC. 

Register for conferences

Register for parent/teacher conferences from September 21 through October 8. Parent/teacher conferences are October 10 and 11 from 2-7:00 pm. AHA uses an online registration system. To register, go to > Parents > ConferenceRegistration. The conference registration system will ask you for a master password which is case sensitive. Then, you'll either enter the login that you created when you registered previously, or you'll have the opportunity to create a new login. You will not be using your NetClassroom ID and password for conference registration.

If you wish to schedule a meeting during conferences with Ms. Hocks (Learning Variations), please email or Mr. Gunderson (RTI)

Reserved parking spots

A friendly reminder to pay attention to all of the reserved parking spots in the lot, including three reserved Starfest spaces. Please do not park in reserved spaces unless you have permission.  

Senior pictures are due by Oct. 17th

Senior Parents: Reminder that graduation portraits, senior quotes and optional yearbook ads are due Tuesday, October 17th. Students may chose to use their Jostens photo instead of a professional portrait. Get the information.


Friday, Oct 12th: Grandparents & Special Friends Day

The annual tradition continues!  The 2018 Grandparents & Special Friends Day will be held on Friday, October 12th at 1:00 PM in the gymnasium. Invitations have been mailed directly to grandparents. Full details available here. 

Upcoming Dates

  • Sept 14: Stars are Out Tonight; Freshmen/Parent Mixer, Home Football Game

  • Sept 19: PLC late start

  • Sept 21: Parent Breakfast - Be Part of It!

  • Sept 21-Oct 8: Conference Registration
  • Sept 24: Make-up Photos, College Planning Night

  • Sept 29: Super Soccer Saturday

  • Oct 1-5: Homecoming Week

  • Oct 5: Activities Hall of Fame; Homecoming game 7 pm.

  • Oct 6: Homecoming Dance
  • Oct 12: Grandparents/Special Friends Day

SEE FULL CALENDAR > or get a 1-page printable Year Calendar.


College Planning Night is Monday, September 24

Junior and Senior Parents: College Planning Night on Monday, September 24 is for juniors, seniors and their parents. The evening starts at 6:30 in the Chapel. We will have presenters from 14 regional and national universities. Topics include admission to Catholic universities, large public schools, and highly selective colleges; paying for college; making campus visits; college athletics and the NCAA and a session on applying to performing and visual arts programs. An invitation with a tentative agenda was mailed last week. Contact Tina Proctor at for more information. We hope to see you there!

PSAT class offered on September 29

Junior Parents: On Wednesday, October 10, all juniors will be taking the PSAT, which is a shortened version of the College Board's SAT. The PSAT scores are used to determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Competition. In an effort to help our students who might be eligible for the National Merit Competition, Holy Angels will be offering a one-day PSAT test preparation class on Saturday, September 29This class is most appropriate for students who are academically high achievers and have performed well on other standardized tests. If you want to register your junior for this class, please complete the registration form available here. If you are unsure whether your student should take this prep class, please contact Ms. Kjorstad at 612-798-2691. We will be offering several ACT Prep Classes this winter and spring for juniors wanting test preparation for the ACT which is the most common test taken by Holy Angels students.

ACT on October 27

Students interested in taking the October 27 ACT must register by September 28 at


6600 Nicollet Avenue South Richfield, MN 55423 612-798-2600