Seniors visit Hindu Temple

Seniors visit Hindu Temple

Seniors visit Hindu Temple

Seniors in Mr. Ruhland's Comparative Religions class visited a Hindu Temple in Maple Grove on Friday, February 2, 2018. Below are some of their thoughts on the experience. See the full Theology Curriculum.


Hindu Temple EntranceThe temple has been remodeled in 2012 after devastating destruction in 2006. When we arrived to the temple the first thing you notice is the beautiful exterior of the building. It has a modern look to it while still maintaining an ancient look. We went into a lecture room where we were introduced to Dr. Sane from India. He spoke to us about some basics of Hinduism and gave us some facts about the building. I learned how forgiving they were in the aftermath of their temple being vandalized. Sane referenced the fact that Hindus believe there is good in all people. In the temple I thought the all the sculptures were very unique. I had never seen something like that before. I can clearly see that christianity and Hinduism both share the same values of treating people with respect and love even though their core beliefs are different. In this picture, we can see what the temple looks like at the main entrance. There are not many places like this in Minnesota and that makes this temple a very unique experience. The architecture of the building fascinated me because of how detailed every part of the temple is.

Tom '18

Vishnu in Hindu TempleDuring our visit to the Hindu Temple, we got a deeper understanding of the Hindu religion. The Speaker explained what it means to be a Hindu and some of the misconceptions such as Hindus  believe in one god, and he takes on many forms. There are gods that represents the whole world, and entire solar system. In the picture, you can see the god Vishnu which was one of my favorite parts of the field trip because we got the chance to see a priest pray to Vishnu. We got to experience what it's like to be Hindu. He explained that in order to pray inside the shrine you need to wear special clothing. The imam talked to us about how he also had been studying to be an imam since he was in 7th grade. This picture just shows one out of many gods that were there.

Ellie '18

Hindu deityDuring the assembly before we visited the temple, we learned that hinduism is an indian Dharma, also it is the oldest religion in the world. Hinduism contains a broad range of philosophies, it is linked by shared concepts and rituals. The most interest thing I saw today is the Hindu temple which is a symbolic house. One difference between Christianity and Hinduism is the number of God they believed. For Christians, they only believe in the Jesus Christ. However, devotions exist to the various gods and goddesses of Hinduism.  In the picture, you can see a sculpture of a monkey, which was one of my favorite parts of the field trip because it is unique for a religion to have a monkey sculpture as a representation of deities. The decoration of the monkey is pretty magnificent, with all kinds of shiny accessory. We really enjoy this field trip and we learned some new things.

Runxian '18