Celebration Day Awards 2017

Celebration Day Awards 2017

Celebration Day Awards 2017

The Class of 2017 graduated on Sunday, June 4, 2017. See a list of graduates listed by city of residence

The following awards were presented, recognized or announced to students, faculty and staff at the Celebration Day Awards ceremony on June 2, 2017.

Academic Awards

Top 10 Academically in the Class of 2017

VALEDICTORIAN: Abigail Cavanaugh
SALUTATORIAN: Colin Yokanovich
3 - Sophia Lackens
4- Mary Kate Eiden
5 - Thomas McCoy
6 - Amanda Averbeck
7 - Megan Thompson
8 - Sarah Helm

9 - Sophie Brekken
10 – Qianyue “Christa” Ding


Seraphine Ireland Chapter of the National Honor Society. A faculty committee selected these students for their accomplishments in scholarship, leadership, character, and service.


NHS Senior Members

Riley  Ahern, Jack Laird, Daniela Alfonzo-Mudoy, Cynthia Mathenge, Amanda Averbeck, Thomas McCoy, Josephine Bitter, Katherine Meckey, Louisa Blissenbach, Jenna Miller, Sophie Brekken, Joshua Mocol, Cassandra Breza, Khoi “Ren” Nguyen, Ryan Carter, Grace Plunkett, Abigail Cavanaugh, Nickolaus Puster, Qianyue “Christa” Ding, Mackenzie Schmidt, Mackenzie Downes, Anna Smith, Mary Kate Eiden, Megan Thompson, Emmalyn Elsen, Peter Thompson, Nicole Engelhart, Daniel Voxland, Qisheng “Sam” Feng, Andrew Warner, Isabela Freitas, Baoying Wu, Grace Gallucci, Lin Yang, Madison Hastings, Colin Yokanovich, Sarah Helm, Zijun “Vector” Zhang, Sophie Lacken


The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Diploma recognizes students who have dedicated themselves to

mastery of this rigorous course of study and who can demonstrate and apply 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration in both curricular and co-curricular areas: Riley Ahern, Thomas McCoy, Daniela Alfonzo Mudoy, Terran Mohr, Brendan Ballard, Daniel Paulus, Ryan Carter, Anthony Phan, Abigail Cavanaugh, Andrew Poehling, Qianyue “Christa” Ding, Nick Puster, Mary Kate Eiden, Anna Smith, Eleanor Franklin, Peter Thompson, Grace Gallucci, Andrew Warner, Sarah Helm, Lin Yang, Sophia Lackens, Zhihao “Tom” Yi, Cynthia Mathenge, Zijun “Vector” Zhang


The Theater Diploma recognizes students who have focused their electives credits in the theater curriculum and related studies: Lucy Blissenbach, Claire Hollingsworth, Sarah Helm, Will Holtgren


World Language Certificates and Seals: The Academy of Holy Angels and the MN Department of Education would like to recognize the superior efforts of our students who achieve bilingual or multilingual proficiency before graduation. These students have demonstrated language abilities in a second language according to national language standards and state approved testing protocols.

World Language Proficiency certificate: Mary Kate Eiden, Thomas McCoy

Gold Bilingual Seal: Amanda Averbeck, Isabela Freitas, Josephine Bitter, Abraham Sanchez

Platinum bilingual seal: John Lindholm


National Merit Scholarship ProgramCommended Scholar: Ryan Carter


National Hispanic Recognition Program recognizes students who scored in the top 2.5% among Hispanic and Latino PSAT test takers in our region: Daniela Alfonzo Mudoy


AP Scholars - averaging a score of 3.0 or higher on three or more AP exams taken in the Spring of 2016: Amanda Averbeck, Josie Bitter and Zijun “Vector” Zhang


AP Scholar with Honor - averaging a score of 3.25 on all AP exams taken in the Spring of 2016 and for receiving a score of 3 or higher on four or more exams:Daniela Alfonzo Mudoy, Sophia Lackens, Ryan Carter, Tommy McCoy, Mary Kate Eiden, Emily Schield


Scholar of Distinction Chevrons: grade point average of a 4.0 or higher during their senior year.

Daniela Alfonzo Mudoy, Grace Gallucci, Amanda Averbeck, Sarah Helm, Josephine Bitter, Sophia Lackens, Sophie Brekken, Cynthia Mathenge, Cassandra Breza, Thomas McCoy, Abigail Cavanaugh, Jenna Miller, Qianyue “Christa” Ding, Anthony Phan, Mackenzie Downes, Megan Thompson, Mary Kate Eiden, Andrew Warner, Nicole Engelhart, Bao Wu, Isabela Freitas, Colin Yokanovich


High Honors Chevrons: a grade point average of 3.6667 or higher during their senior year: Riley Ahern, Noah Odalen, Louisa Blissenbach, Daniel Paulus, Ryan Carter, Gabrielle Peterson, Kaylin Elfering, Grace Plunkett, Emmalyn Elsen, Nickolaus Puster, Qisheng “Sam” Feng, Abraham Sanchez, Katherine Fitzgerald, Emily Schield, Claire Hollingsworth, Anna Smith, Noelle Jasper, Maria Angelina Strittmater, McKenzie Johnson, Peter Thompson, Zhuoyue “Clover” Lu, Meghan Uldrich, Madeline McGuire, Daniel Voxland, Katherine Meckey, Jing “Carol” Xi, Joshua Mikos, Zijun “Vector”Zhang, Demosthenes Murdakes, Jie “Josie” Zhou


High Honor Letters: Ryan McGinnis, Catherine Waggoner, Khoi Minh “Ren” Nguyen, Lin Yang


Academically top-ranking student in each of the other classes for achieving the highest cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale at the end of Trimester II.

Ninth Grade: Charles Erickson and Nathan Kesti

Tenth Grade: Lexie Bennett

Eleventh Grade: Jocelyn Reiter


Alpha Iota Chapter of the National Honor Society of German, recognizes high school scholastic achievement in the study of German. To be eligible, students must have completed their third semester of German and must have attained an overall GPA of 3.0 and a German GPA of 3.6.

Seniors: Level 4: Josh Mikos, Helena Schmitt, Nick Puster, Michael Warneke

Juniors: Level 3: Elise Olson, Victoria Welter, Oscar Steininger, Kate Wood

Sophomores: Level 2: Theresa Lang, Davis Thalhuber, Matthew Letellier, Natalie Waschbusch, Grace Martin


2017 American Association of Teachers of German National Exam

Level 4 Achievement: Josh Mikos & Nick Puster

Level 3 Silver: Elise Olson, Bronze: Oscar Steininger

Level 2 Silver: Matthew Letellier & Natalie Waschbusch, Achievement: Michelle Tersteeg


State French competition

White ribbon: Kate Do

Red ribbon: Margaret Arms, Dominick Lopez, Erin Bauer, Haley Marxer, Ryan Carter, Kalia Russell, Kuntepi Chetana, Logan Samountry, Claire Hollingsworth, Owen Zhou, Justine Lam

Blue Ribbon: Abby Cavanaugh, Rachel Rogers, Kuntepi Chetana, Paige Tambornino, Olivia DeGrace, Meghan Uldrich, Holly Lutgen


National Spanish Exam

Honorable Mention

Spanish I: Savannah Allen, Taylor Gengler, Megan Anderson, Nicholas Hibino, Porter Ball, Lauren Link, Finn Caffrey, Nolan Shea, Emily Dominguez, Hailey Vonsee, Amanda Flint

Spanish II: Mae Longo, Matthew Pastrana, Kathryn Paulus

Spanish III: Jackson Arms, Courtney Mohs, Diana Bautista, Litzy Silva-Sandoval, Nina Breher, Samantha Smalley, Erin Kammueller, Ella Sullivan

Spanish IV: Natalia Alfonzo, Paulina Holmberg, Sophie BrekkenCormac Huyen, Patrick Daley, Ellie Koontz, Julia Erickson, Finn Larson, Kelly Gonzalez

Spanish V:Mary Kate Eiden


Bronze Category

Spanish I: Will Ballard, Kathy Hernandez, Amelia Burkstrand, Victoria Johnson, Andrew Cao, Alyssa Wilgenbusch, Rachel Erazmus

Spanish II: Lexie Bennett, Nathan Kesti, Zach Benz, Sophia Nimsger, Joseph EidenGrace Rogers, Isabella Franklin

Spanish III: John Kosmach

Spanish IV: Rachel Holm, Connor McGarry, Meredith LaVine, Anthony Phan


Silver Category

Spanish I: Sarah Fisher, Griffin Olson, Renee France, Caeden Phelps, Sydney Gengler, Jake Steinlage

Spanish II: Charlie Erickson, Carly Neville, Evy Geitzenauer, Zachary Wise

Spanish III: Holly Becker, Roger Escobar, Sophia Brunko, Katie Kistler, Grace BureauSpanish IV: Jocelyn Reiter, Julia Zappa

Spanish  V: John Lindholm


American Mathematics Contest

Top three scoring students in the American Math Competition 10: Charlie Erickson, Renee France and Gia Aleman

Top three scoring student in the American Math Competition 12: Caleb Peichel, Patrick Dysart and Tyler Douglas


Literary Merit Club

Honorable Mention (for students who’ve read 5 or more books)

Megan Anderson, Grace Kopischke, Nina Breher, Helena Schmitt, Mahelia Hunter, Alexandra Segura Caudana, Kaitlin Ho, Alyssa Wilgenbusch, Oscar Juarez Sanchez, Kate Wood, Catherine Kenny

Bronze(for students who’ve read 10 or more books):

Maggie Arms, Alex Gillard, Amelia Burkstrand, Jocelyn Reiter

Silver(for students who’ve read 15 or more books):

Rachel Holm, Erin Kammueller and Peter Truckenmiller

Gold Award (for students who’ve read 20 books):

Reid Luskey

Platinum Award( for students who’ve read more than 20 books):

Shannon Cornils, Caroline Reid, Diana Gastelum, Nora Huberty


Scholarships for the Class of 2017

This year’s senior class was awarded 11.5 million in scholarship dollars.

They have accepted 4.1 million dollars to be used at the colleges in which they have chosen to enroll.


Riley Ahern

St. Cloud State Presidential Scholarship

St. Cloud State Athletic Scholarship-Baseball

Daniela Alfonzo Mudoy

Richfield Rotary Donald S. Cameron Scholarship

Luke Allen

Saint John’s University Dean’s Scholarship

Michael Anderson

University of Dayton Father Chaminade Award

University of Dayton Study Abroad Scholarship

Amanda Averbeck

University of MN Twin Cities Presidential Scholarship

University of MN Twin Cities U Promise Scholarship

Brendan Ballard

University of Toledo Out-of-State Award

University of Toledo Trustee Award

Louisa Blissenbach

St. Kate’s DupliKate Scholarship

St. Kate’s Presidential Award

MN Scholars of Distinction in Theater Arts

Samuel Boehne

St. Leo University Merit Scholarship

Cassandra Breza

Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship

Nicollet Chapter Scholarship

University of MN Twin Cities Iron Range Scholarship

University of MN Twin Cities U Promise Scholarship

Jacob Brindley

University of Mary Catholic Scholars Award

Samuel Carlson

University of KS Midwest Student Exchange Scholarship

Abigail Cavanaugh

Macalester College DeWitt Wallace Distinguished Scholarship

Zhaoqi “Crunch”Chen

University of Rochester Dean’s Scholarship

Kunthmealea Chetana

St. Thomas Tuition Scholarship

Jack Cronin

Saint John’s University Dean’s Scholarship

Saint John’s University Legacy Scholarship

David Cullen

Saint John’s University Dean’s Scholarship

Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Irish History Writing Award

Emma Davies

University of Mary Catholic Scholars Award

Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Irish History Writing Award

Olivia De Grace

St. Thomas Award

Mackenzie Downes

University of Wisconsin BBA Program Scholarship

Adam Duren

Saint John’s University President’s Scholarship

Mary Kate Eiden

St. Olaf College Dean’s Scholarship

St. Olaf Service Leadership Scholarship

Kaylin Elfering

University of Mary Catholic Scholars Award

Katherine Fitzgerald

College of Saint Benedict President’s Scholarship

College of Saint Benedict Legacy Scholarship

Eleanor Franklin

St. Thomas Award

Grace Gallucci

Chapman University Dean’s Scholarship

Bernie’s Montessori School Scholarship

Schulze Family Foundation Scholarship

Spencer Graves

HNI Corporation Scholarship

William Harris

Illinois Wesleyan National Alumni Grant

Illinois Wesleyan Alumni Scholarship

Madison Hastings

High Point Presidential Fellows Scholarship

Alexander Hoover

Creighton University Award

Creighton University Fr. Joseph Labaj Scholarship

John Hoover

Arizona State University New American University-Provost’s Award

Noelle Jasper

Loyola University Chicago Dean’s Scholarship

McKenzie Johnson

University of Tampa Achievement Award

University of Tampa Spartan Scholarship

Sam Johnson

Xavier University Award

Jack Kelley

Saint John’s University Dean’s Scholarship

Roy/Nancy Glover Scholarship

Dane Kusber

Catholic United Financial Post-High School Tuition Scholarship

Jack Laird

Saint John’s University ROTC Scholarship Incentive

Saint John’s University Legacy Scholarship

Saint John’s University President’s Scholarship

Dominick Lopez

Saint John’s University President’s Scholarship

Joanna Lozano

Marquette University Pere Marquette Scholarship

Matthew Maloney

St. Thomas Academic Scholarship

Thomas Martin

University of Nebraska Lincoln Ruth Leverton Scholarship

Ryan McGinnis

St. Thomas Award

Madeline McGuire

Drake University Presidential Scholarship

Katherine Meckey

Rich Logeais Memorial Scholarship

Joshua Mikos

Saint John’s University Legacy Scholarship

Saint John’s University Trustee’s Scholarship

Jenna Miller

Creighton University Founder’s Award

Creighton University Roman Shaffel, S.J. Award

Joshua Mocol

Drake University Presidential Scholarship

Terran Mohr

Saint John’s University President’s Scholarship

Demosthenes Murdakes

Texas Christian University Faculty Scholarship

Charles Murphy

St. Thomas Tuition Exchange Scholarship

Daniel Paulus

North Dakota State University Presidential Honor Scholarship

Richfield Bloomington Credit Union Scholarship

Gabrielle Peterson

St. Thomas Award

Anh Pham

University of MN Morris National Scholar Award

Anthony Phan

University of MN Twin Cities U Promise Scholarship

Jack Pierazek

Saint Mary’s University Catholic High School Scholarship

Saint Mary’s University De La Salle Christian Brother Scholarship

Gabriel Pilla

North Dakota State University Athletic Scholarship, Baseball

Andrew Poehling

Saint John’s University President’s Scholarship

Jasper Prins

St. Thomas Award

Brandon Radant

Saint John’s University Dean’s Scholarship

Saint John’s University Legacy Scholarship

Debra Riggs

DePaul University St. Vincent de Paul Scholarship

Abraham Sanchez Garcia

Saint John’s University President’s Scholarship

Emily Schield

Ringling College of Art and Design Faculty Scholarship

Mackenzie Schmidt

College of Saint Benedict Presidential Scholarship

Marc-Arthur Shapiro

Luther Academic Achievement Award

Luther College Diversity Enrichment Scholarship

Anna Smith

St. Kate’s DupliKate Scholarship

St. Kate’s Presidential Award

Megan Thompson

College of Saint Benedict Trustees’ Scholarship

Schulze Family Foundation Scholarship

Peter Thompson

Case Western Reserve University Scholarship

Peter Truckenmiller

University of MN Morris Achievement Scholarship

University of MN Morris Distinguished Scholarship

Daniel Voxland

College of St. Scholastica Legacy Award

MN Football Coaches Association Dick Walker Scholarship

MN Valley Electric Cooperative Scholarship

College of St. Scholastica Benedictine Scholarship

Catherine Waggoner

University of Mary Catholic Scholars Award

Alyse Walker

Regis University Catholic High School Award

Michael Warneke

Montana State University Achievement Award

Andrew Warner

Saint John’s University Trustee’s Scholarship

Baoying Wu

Hunter College Nursing Honors Scholarship

Richfield Rotary Dr. Donald S. Cameron Scholarship

Colin Yokanovich

Saint John’s University Trustee’s Scholarship

Saint John’s University Legacy Scholarship

Zijun “Vector” Zhang

University of Rochester Dean’s Scholarship

Feiyang “Owen” Zhou

DePaul University Heritage Award


The Sons of the American Revolution Bronze Good Citizen Award is awarded for scholarship, leadership, character, service, and an appreciation of patriotism:Sam Boehne


Prudential Spirit of Community Award goes to a student to recognize him or her for a high level of volunteerism in the state of Minnesota: Grace Plunkett


Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship program recognizes a student who demonstrates leadership abilities in school activities or through work experiences and has a strong commitment to and involvement in community service: Cassie Breza


Minnesota Boys State Representatives: Tyler Douglas, Oscar Steininger, Alex Gillard, Jacob Werle, John Kosmach

Minnesota Girls State Representatives: Amanda Grams, Amelia Trembath and Julia Zappa

Minnesota Mile Leadership Seminar: Valerie Aguirre

HOBY Leadership Seminar:  Haley Marxer


Service Awards

Blue Awards (double required service)

Grade 9: Joseph Eiden, Molly Elmer, Aaron Engel, Mandie Flint, Renee France, Evy Geitzenauer, Lauren Jasper, Joe Kelly, Ann Knapp, Kylie LaValle, Melphis Mathenge, Nick McGrane, Jack Michie, Jarrett Michie, Julie Mitchell, Ashley Niola, Angel Nyamato, Griffin Olson, Caroline Pranke, Nolan Shea, Dain Solberg, Hailey VonSee, Josh Werle

Grade 10: Garrett Burns, Matt Anderson, Sam Anderson, Maggie Arms, Erin Bauer, Sophia Brunko, Kathy Hernandez, Grace Hillen, Marie LaFrance, Haley Marxer, Emma Mastre, Cecy Palau, Ryan Plunkett, Kalia Russell, Anuli Steve-Chinatu, Wise Zachary, Zane Zbacnik

Grade 11: Jack Aleman, Maddie Boehne, Anna Brenny, Nicholas Campion, Kate Do, Runxian Du, Julia Erickson, Anya Falk, Jack Foley, Kaitlyn Ho, Grace Kopischke, Kyle Laumann, Conor McGarry, Megan Meyer, Julie Miler, Courtney Mohs, Melya Owens, Emma Padilla, Anna Peng, Thomas Rodier, Andrew Rukavina, Charlie Rushin, Samantha Smalley, Riley Thalhuber

Grade 12: Michael Anderson, Josie Bitter, Olivia De Grace, Jack Kelley, Ryan McGinnis, Josh Mikos, Terran Mohr, Jack Pierazek, Brandon Radant, Peter Thompson, Daniel Voxland, Andrew Warner, Brendan Ballard, Ryan Carter, David Cullen, Charlie Murphy, Tingjia Shi, Lin Yang


Gold Awards (triple required service)

Grade 9: Amelia Burkstrand, Nicholas Hardcopf, Catherine Kenny, Kathryn Paulus, Alyssa Wilgenbusch, Ava Barry, Nick Hardcopf, Kaylie VanDerWerf

Grade 10: Valerie Aguirre, Lexie Bennett, Zach Benz, Nina Breher, Grace Bureau, Ray Cheng, Peter Foley, Greta Forseth, Isabella Franklin, Rosa Gomez, Jacob Hilla, Maddie Jackson, Matthew Keller, Megan Meckey, Megan Menke, Ben Meyer, Gihara Perera, Julia Prins, Akela Rimstad, Jaila Robinson, Ellie Schaffer, Leah Voxland, Natalie Waschbusch, Jack Wold, Jensen Wood, Lizzy Graves, Davis Thalhuber

Grade 11: Jackson Arms, Melanie Arndt, Dominic Ball, Brennan Bauer, Emma Benz, Jack Bridgeman, Ethan Bruner, Thomas Caffrey, Kiera Carson, Catherine Cohen, Alex Coleman, Patrick Daley, Kylie Engel, Alexander Gillard, Amanda Grams, Ellen Grubbs, Joe Heimbold, Hannah Helm, Rachel Holm, Paulina Holmberg, Dehuan Huang, Nora Huberty, Cormac Huyen, John Knapp, John Kosmach, Joseph Laux, Meredith Lavine, Nate Loney, Holland Lutgen, Aidan McCrory, Joe McGrane, Luke Miller, An Nguyen, Emma Ofori, Rogelio Reyes Escobar, Andrew Rukavina, Emily Riner, Lucas Roberge, Rachel Rogers, Hanna Sobhani, Candace Taylor, Amelia Trembath, Yizheng (Ethan) Wang, Matthew Warmka, Lauren Welsch, Jacob Werle, Sihan Wu, Martu Zabinski, Riley Zangs, Julia Zappa, Audrey Fan, Lars Hansen, Brendan Pasdo, Caylyn Rosch, Ma Shawn, Colin Wegener, Kate Wood

Grade 12: Sam Boehne, Jacob Brindley, Mary Kate Eiden, Kaylin Elfering, Emmalyn Elsen, Eleanor Franklin, Eleanor Hedlund, Sarah Helm, Claire Hollingsworth, Maddie Mcguire, Demosthenes Murdakes, Dan Paulus, Anthony Phan, Debbie Riggs, Cally Waggoner, Amanda Averbeck, Sam Carlson, Shannon Cornils, Sophia Lackens, Cynthia Mathenge, Katie Meckey, Andrew Poehling


The Brown University Book Award honors the junior who best combines academic excellence with clarity in written and spoken expression: Joseph McGrane


The Harvard Book Award is given to an outstanding member of the junior class who demonstrates excellence in scholarship and achievement in other non-academic areas: Jocelyn Reiter


The Yale Book Award, in recognition of outstanding personal character and intellectual promise: Julia Zappa


The Dartmouth Book Award is given to a member of the junior class who demonstrates strong personal character and scholarship and who has made a positive contribution to the school community:  John Kosmach


The Wellesley Book Award is given to a female member of the junior class whose academic record and character are exceptional and who has also made significant personal contributions to her school and/or community: Samantha Smalley

The Sewanee University of the South Book Award is given to a member of the junior class who has shown scholarship, leadership, demonstrated excellence in writing and is notable for potential future success as a writer: Reid Luskey

The St. Michael's Book Award is given to two juniors for outstanding leadership, service and character within the National Honor Society: Patrick Dysart, Julia Zapp


The Villanova University Book Award is presented to a high school junior who has demonstrated academic excellence in a challenging curriculum, a commitment to serving those less fortunate in their greater community, and embodies a sense of school and community spirit as an example to others: Rachel Hol


The Brandeis Book Award for Social Action and Civic Engagement is presented to an outstanding junior in the top 10% of the class who demonstrates a commitment to civic engagement, community service, political activism, social justice or volunteer work: Ellen Grubb


The Saint Anselm Book Award is presented to an outstanding member of the junior class that has demonstrated academic success, leadership qualities in the area of civic engagement, holds the values of a Benedictine tradition and has aspirations for a continued education: Meredith Lavine


Minnesota Scholars of Distinction Meritorious Performance in Theater Arts: Lucy Blissenbach, Rachel Hol


The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award, in recognition of outstanding achievement

and superior intellectual promise in the field of science: Tyler Dougla


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal is given to a junior who has demonstrated potential for success in a challenging academic setting, excels in math and science courses and has exhibited significant involvement in extracurricular activities: Caleb Peichel

Academic Department Awards

Ceramics: Grace Foley, Dominick Lopez

Drawing: Emily Schield

Painting: Eleanor Hedlund

Photography: Ben Meyer

Computer Art: Molly Elmer

Computer Science: Caleb Peichel

English: Nikki Engelhart, Thomas McCoy

Industrial Technology: Jack Hendrickson, Mitch Hendrickson

Math: Thomas McCoy

Biology Award: Baoying Wu

Chemistry Award: Meredith Lavine

Physics Award: Sophie Vass

Social Studies: Thomas Mills, Cynthia Mathenge

French: Abigail Cavanaugh

German: Joshua Mikos

Spanish: Mary Kathleen Eiden, Anthony Phan


Music Awards:


The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Erin Kammueller

The John Phillip Sousa Award: Thomas Stonehouse

Band Most Valuable Member Award: Peter Truckenmiller

National School Choral Award: Ted Haeg

Music Department Outstanding Vocalist Award:Rachel Holm

St. Cecilia Spirit of Music Award: Emily Schield and Cynthia Mathenge

Choir Most Valuable Member Award: Jake Mangel


Theater Department Awards


Academy of Holy Angels Theater Department received a Spotlight Education Honor for their production of Big Fish.

Overall Production- Honorable Mention

Overall Performance- Outstanding

Individual awards went to Jake Mangel, Rachel Holm, Luke Allen, Lucy Blissenbach, Cynthia Mathenge, Isabela Freitas, Ted Haeg, Claire Hollingsworth, Jacob Hilla, and Emily Schield


Starlight Technical Awards:Emily Schield, Sarah Helm

Starlight Acting Awards: Lucy Blissenbach, Ted Haeg

Starlight Productions Director’s Choice Award: Hunter Keating

Mother Seraphine Ireland Outstanding Senior in Theater Award: Zijun “Vector” Zhang


Activities Department Awards


The Star Activities Award is given to a senior who has excelled in activities including the arts, academic clubs, intramural activities, and/or student leadership: Zijun “Vector” Zhang

Academics-Arts-Athletics Award from the Minnesota State High School League is presented to a senior that has achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher , actively participated in a League-sponsored athletic program and performed in a League-sponsored fine arts activity: Thomas McCoy

The Athena Award is presented annually by the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce to an Outstanding Woman Athlete: Megan Thompson

Tom Kelly Memorial Scholarship: Keontay Shorter

Tim Sullivan Award: Isaac Baron

AHA Star Athletic Award: Megan Thompson


All State Award Winners:

Girls Soccer: Emma Davies, Megan Thompson

Boys Soccer: Marc Arthur Shapiro

Boys Lacrosse: Spencer Sande

Academic All State Team: Football – Region 4A

Academic All State Individual

Football – Daniel Voxland

Boys Tennis – Nick Puster

State Team Participant: Volleyball , Girls Basketball

All Tournament Team Girls Basketball: Destinee Oberg

State Participant:

Alpine Ski: Sarah Frommelt, Kaitlin Ho

Track: Alex Gillard (Pole Vault), John Kosmach (300 hurdles)


Section Champ: Volleyball – Section 4A, Girls Basketball –Section 3 AAA

All Section: Boys Lacrosse: Will Harris, Jason Kraus, Patrick Daley, Spencer Sand

Academic Section Award: Boys Basketball 3AAA


All Conference:

Boys Golf: Michael Munson, Nate Loney, Kyle Frank, Brady Fetzer

Baseball: Riley Ahern, Spencer Graves, Jack Pierazek, Gabe Pilla

Boys Basketball: Sam Boehne

Nordic Ski: Caitlin O’Donnell

Girls Basketball: Megan Thompson, Riley Thalhuber, Megan Meyer, Destinee Oberg

Girls Tennis: Jessie Tschida, Paige Tamborino

Boys Tennis: Jackson Arms, Alex Coleman, Joe McGrane

Alpine Ski: Evan Huss, Kaitlyn Ho

Cross Country: Luke Miller, Jack Peschel

Dance:Sophia Brekken, Mackenzie Schmidt, Maria Strittmater, Cassie Breza

Boys Soccer: Abraham Sanchez, Jack Kelley, Marc Arthur Shapiro, Tom Kelley

Girls Soccer: Megan Thompson, Emma Davies, Jenna Miller, Liz Zender, Gia Aleman

Volleyball: Emma Benz, Mackenzie Downes, Ellie Koontz

Speech: Sophi Lackens, Cynthia Mathenge

Football: Daniel Voxland, Joe Heimbold, Jack Anderson, Tommy Shelstad

Girls Hockey: Mary Kate Eiden

Track: Alex Gillard, Joe Heimbold, John Kosmach, Tommy McCoy, Luke Miller, Hanna Sobhani, Isabelle Henry

Honors Choir:Nina Breher, Nick Kronschnabel, Theresa Lang, Sarah Li, Jake Mangel, Ken Nguyen, Erin Powers, Nick Tracy

Honor Band: Patrick Dysart - Euphonium, Erin Kammueller - Flute, Calvin Lewis - Clarinet, Haley Marxer - Clarinet, Thomas Rodier - Tuba, Peter Truckenmiller - Trumpet, Aidan Zent - Trumpet


Conference Champs: Girls Basketball, Softball, Dance Jazz and High Kick, Boys Golf, Baseball


Regional Finalists: Knowledge Bowl:  Brennan Bauer, John Lindholm, Jocelyn Reiter, Nick Meyer, Matthew Keller


AHA Star Service Award: Cynthia Mathenge


AHA Student Government Award, given to the senior on Student Government who best exemplifies service, dedication and leadership, promoting the values of Holy Angels Student Government: Isabela Freitas


Kopp Family Foundation Scholarships: Eleanor Franklin, Cynthia Mathenge

Banovetz Memorial Scholarship:Peter Laird, Alyssa Pieper


The 2016-2017 AHA Association Staff Service and Dedication Award: Janet Oliver

Janet has been chosen for this year’s award because of her representation of the AHA Way pillar “To communicate ‘you matter’ to our AHA Community.”  Janet works hard to make sure that all students feel successful and that they make a difference to our AHA community.  Janet strives to make sure that all students succeed academically at AHA.  She fosters the AHA community’s commitment as a safe, welcoming, respectful, and nurturing atmosphere for everyone.  Janet embodies our school’s dedication to excellence in learning and a commitment to empowering everyone to achieve to their fullest goal.  We want Janet to know that we do NOT take her for granted.  


To quote one of Janet’s nominations:  “We found out soon that she is more than just someone who watches over students while they take exams.  Indeed, Janet introduced my wife and me to the extended time testing program with a style and manner that put us and our son at ease.  Additionally, Janet made us feel comfortable that this is not a negative, but instead a typical accommodation for a typical student.  She was so reassuring.  Moreover, our son felt at home and comfortable in her classroom.  No added stress.  Just what he needed.  Finally, Janet informed us that we can petition for extended time on the ACT and filled out the necessary paper work for us.  That accommodation was granted, solely because of the extraordinary efforts of Janet.  I have to say my family’s experience with Janet may have been the best experience we have had, of many, during our time at AHA.”  


At Holy Angels, the mission statement is to educate and nurture a diverse student population so that each student, as a whole person, may achieve full potential to excel intellectually, to live spiritually, to lead responsibly, to act justly, and to serve selflessly.   Janet makes this possible for all students.  


The Jill Reilly Recognition Fund honors Dr. Reilly’s tenure as the longest standing President and her years of service to the Academy of Holy Angels.  The Jill Reilly Recognition fund was established to support teacher initiatives that enhance our programs at the Academy of Holy Angels.  

  • Pam Boston (along with our new English teacher) is awarded a grant to review new textbooks and to write new English curriculum.

  • The Theology department is awarded a grant to work on transitioning The Bible course to two trimesters.


We pay special tribute to two teachers who retire this year.


Gayle Bari has taught at AHA for 41 years.

Mrs. Bari is loved by students for her sense of humor and fun personality in class.  Her hands-on activities for physics have resonated with so many. She always strives to make the science department the best it can be.  Her love of science and education will endure within the department for years to come. Gayle has also been a great mentor to the teachers here at AHA, giving advice on addressing student issues, being innovative in lesson planning, and making sure that all levels of students are helped.


Former students say this about Mrs. Bari:

AP Physics was a blast. I'm still missing it today. Congratulations on your retirement. I'm glad to have snuck in there in your last couple of years teaching. Jack Warmka '16


Mrs. Bari- You were one of the teachers that inspired me to become a Science teacher. I think of you often as I teach, especially when I'm drawing large circles on the board! I'll never forget how you encouraged me to sign up to judge science fairs at area middle schools. That  experience lead me down the path to science education. Thank you for believing in me when I didn't always believe in myself. Congrats on your retirement! I'll miss your "hellos" my 8th graders share with me after a shadow day at AHA!  Debbie May Olson '98.  


Mike Sack retires this year after 38 years at AHA.  


His social studies colleagues say...

Mr. Sack is a great team player - always has been and always will be.  It must come from his legendary hockey days.

He is one of the first people I seek to share a frustration with teaching, or with my favorite baseball team.  I’ve never seen Mike lose his temper or share a mean word about another human being.


He was always willing to talk about the Twins with me, even though I don't care about the Twins, and this year I could talk about Minnesota United with him, even though he doesn't care about Minnesota United. It will be hard to imagine teaching social studies here without him in the department.


Mr. Sack has been my next door neighbor for 11 years and fashion consultant for about 9 of those years when we wore a similar outfit of a blue short-sleeve shirt and khakis. He told me I was slowly turning into him. Honestly, I was kind of offended at the time.  However, I see Mr. Sack often stay after school to grade and prepare for class. Due to his personality, he connects well with all students and often reaches students that others can’t. Based off of those facts, I would consider turning into Mr. Sack - a large compliment.  


Thomas S. Noonan Instructional Achievement Award

What is ETiS?  One student said, "It's my favorite class and has caused me to consider a college major in science."  ETiS, or Engineering Technology in Science, is a course designed to survey different technologies and engineering practices in several areas of science.  It is made up of equal parts Forensics, Biotechnology, and Environmental Engineering   For their work in pursuing grant funding for the course, attaining the needed instructional content and methodologies to teach it, and for promoting it as a hands-on science opportunity that earns STEM credentials, the instructional team of Ms. Lahr, Mr. Jones, and Ms. Moravec are awarded the 2017 Noonan award for curriculum development.


The Mary Norris Lunde Class of 1938 Award of Excellence: Jillian Harvalis

“A great teacher and an even better person”

“Her personality shines through”

“Has high expectations of her students”

“Kind, warm, patient and intelligent”

“She’s a storm chaser"


The St. Thomas More Medal, which originated in 1974, is presented to the senior boy who most exemplifies the qualities of Christian life. A special St. Thomas More Medal has been created solely for the Academy of Holy Angels. The 44th recipient of the St. Thomas More Medal is: Thomas McCoy


The Mary Medal, which originated in 1954, is presented to the senior girl who most exemplifies qualities of the Christian Life. A special Mary Medal has been created solely for the Academy of Holy Angels. The 64th recipient of the Mary medal is: Megan Thompson


Members of the Class of 2017--- raised just over $1200 towards a scholarship for the Class of 2021.


Congratulations to the students, faculty and staff of Academy of Holy Angels on their awards.

We wish the Class of 2017 all the best!