AHA wins MISF 2017 Program Award

AHA wins MISF 2017 Program Award

AHA wins MISF 2017 Program Award

Academy of Holy Angels' AHA Way Program has been selected to receive the MISF 2017 Program Award. The Minnesota Independent School Forum in a non profit organization based in St. Paul whose mission it is to strengthen Minnesota's K-12 independent schools through advocacy and advancement. MISF's membership is around 150 schools. 

"The Awards Committee was inspired by the work and culture the AHA Way has created at Holy Angels and the important connection to the whole community," wrote MISF director Tim Benz.

This award was presented at the Private and Independent Education Awards on Sunday, April 30, at the University of St. Thomas. 

Read more in AHA's application to MISF:

The AHA WayThe AHA Way is a program that was developed in order to intentionally create a caring, welcoming, inclusive, and respectful school environment at Academy of Holy Angels (AHA).   The entire community uses the AHA Way guidelines in the way we communicate, in the way we interact with one another, in how we celebrate, and in how we approach problems.  The program consists of four tenets that are applied with a different set of expectations for parents, students and staff:

    • To be part of the solution
    • To help others and ourselves succeed
    • To communicate you matter, and
    • To honor the absent.

“To be a part of the solution”, one recognizes, owns and finds solutions for problems that arise.  “To help others and ourselves succeed” one acts with integrity and serves as role models for those around us, both inside and outside of the school community.   “To communicate you matter”, one communicates in words and actions letting others know they are valued.  “To honor the absent”, one avoids gossip and negative talk about others.

The AHA Way contains its own logo, marketing collateral, annual awards program highlighting students who exemplify the four pillars of the AHA Way, and targeted guidelines in order to effectively strengthen this program and its purpose to create an inclusive community.  As an indicator of effectiveness, AHA received 3.67 out of 4 points in the area of well-managed and effective learning environment in its AdvancED Accreditation report.  This result is .27 higher than the Network average.  Students speak and interact respectfully with teachers and peers.  One student reported, "We have the freedom to weigh-in on issues and know we will be heard."