End of Year Chromebook Collection Information

End of Year Chromebook Collection Information

End of Year Chromebook Collection Information


Notice of end of year Chromebook collection

All AHA students will turn in their Chromebook before the end of the school year. All students in grades 9-11 will need to turn in the charger, the plastic cover and the Chromebook on or before June 1st. Seniors will turn in those items on May 24th.


Major damage and other Fees

Damage will be assessed during collection and fines will be assessed for major damage. Major damage includes but is not limited to: drops which result in a shattered screen, broken body, or  other cracked components, spills which can damage motherboard, keyboard or screen. Read the rest of the policy in the Technology Handbook.


Chromebook Check in Homeroom

In order to prepare for the end of the school year, all students had their Chromebook checked by their homeroom teacher during homeroom on Wednesday, April 12th.


Responsibility to report damage

Remember if you have major damage to your Chromebook, you must bring it to the helpdesk to be fixed. Families do not pay for the first incident, but are charged $25 for the second incident each year. If a Chromebook is turned in at the end of the year with major damage, students will be fined $10 for failure to report plus any additional fees that apply. See the fee schedule below.  


Students should bring their Chromebook in to the helpdesk now if they suspect the Chromebook has major damage.


Chromebook loans for the summer

All students in grades 9-11 will turn in their Chromebook immediately at the end of the last finals period on June 1st. Returning students may request to check a Chromebook out for the summer by filling out a form that will be available starting May 15th. Requested Chromebooks can be checked out starting on Monday, June 19th and must be turned back in by Monday, August 14th. All students will be issued a Chromebook at the start of the 2017-18 school year.


Dates to remember:

April 18th - May 12th - Spring Chromebook Repair Period

May 24 - Seniors turn in Chromebooks

June 1 - Grades 9-11 turn in Chromebooks


Fee Schedule:

$0 - for first incident of major damage each year

$25 - for second incident of major damage

$10 -  additional fine for major damage after repair period ends (May 15th and after)

$15 - if cover is damaged (not functional) - broken feet are exempt

$50 - missing power cord/charger



If you have any questions, please stop by the helpdesk or email helpdesk@ahastars.org.