AP Testing begins on May 7

AP Testing begins on May 7

As we approach the testing week, here are some things to remember and remind your students during the next 2 weeks:

  1. Tell them to be there at 7:30. Actual testing begins at 7:40 am and 11:40 am for either morning or afternoon tests. Afternoon test takers may have to wait a few minutes for morning test takers for finish.
  2. Cell phones are prohibited…tell your students not to bring them. I will double check the day of the test, but it helps if they never bring them at all.
  3. Yes…they all need to bring a black pen in addition to pencils! Bring more than one pencil.
  4. If snacks, keep it small and brief (same as last year) students will be given a break in the middle for stretching and bathroom use, etc. They may bring a small snack for themselves if desired…but snacks and drinks must be small and left on the side table. Water may be kept on the floor under their table.
  5. Students are expected to be in attendance for the test even if they have conflicting extra-curricular activities…every student in every AP class is scheduled to test (AP Spanish is the only exception due to it being a four year preparation period).
  6. Can students forgo the test in favor of a softball game/tournament or similar event? They can’t.
  7. Students who do not show up for the test, forfeit the opportunity to test.
  8. Students may be out of uniform for the testing day…it may be cooler in the testing area, remind them to bring a sweater.
  9. Students who have consecutive tests within a two day period may be allowed to not attend the remaining classes following or preceding an AP test on those days, if they bring a note from their parents allowing this.

10.  Calculator needs (I have more specifics if you need it):

  • Biology -  4 function calculator (w/sq. root) is permitted on both the multiple-choice and free-response sections. N other scientific (multi-line displays) and graphing calculators are permitted
  • Calculus  - both multiple choice and free response sections of Calc AB and Calc BC have questions requiring a graphing calculator and questions that do not allow the use of a graphing calculator.)
  • Chemistry/Physics  -  calculators allowed for only the entire free-response section of Chemistry and Physics exam. Most types of scientific (non-graphing) calculators may be used provided they don’t have unapproved features or capabilities
  • Statistics  -- Graphing calculator with statistical capabilities…allows a non-graphing, scientific calculator as long as it has the required computational capabilities.  

Matt O'Leary
Guidance Counselor