Fall 2016: Communique Spotlight: alumni impact

Fall 2016: Communique Spotlight: alumni impact

Fall 2016: Communique Spotlight: alumni impact

By Major Gifts/Alumni Officer Jesse Foley '89

The Holy Angels mission, alumni and the impact on our world

In accepting the Angelus Alumni Award in 2015, Joe Clubb ’79 reflected on the collective impact of the AHA mission on the world. His thoughts about how the AHA mission had molded his life and guided his career in the field of personal counseling and mental health struck me at the time and have inspired me ever since.

In the same breath, Joe was quick to point out how many of his AHA classmates have also lived lives of servantleadership and have been instruments of change in a variety of fields. He listed the many ways that his AHA classmates and friends were taking the mission of AHA into the fields of science, law, education, politics, business and social service and, each in their own way, positively impacting people and communities locally, nationally and globally.

If you consider the collective impact on the world of Joe’s class of 1979, combine it with your own class and all graduating classes since 1877, you’ll find that approximately 12,000 graduates have had their lives transformed by our mission. AHA graduates by the thousands have gone out in the world and, as the Sisters of St. Joseph would say, “found and fulfilled the unmet needs of the time and helped the dear neighbor without distinction.”

What are some of those unmet needs of 2016? To answer that question, just look at the pictures below.

An AHA education prepares students to achieve, lead and serve in college and beyond. 12,000 graduates strong means that AHA alumni are a powerful force for good and for change in a world that desperately needs both.

How has the AHA mission transformed your life?

How has your response to that mission affected our world? What are you doing to support your alma mater and our great mission so that it can serve more students and have an even more profound impact on the world? 

AHA Alumni making an impact

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