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A Transformative Investment in STEM education

A Transformative Investment in STEM education

In 2021 Academy of Holy Angels plans to complete construction on the new Innovation Center for STEM education by transforming and building out the existing space on the third floor of the Convocation Center. This exciting, state-of-the-art space will be comprised of multiple new classrooms and open areas to serve our students.  The light-filled, flexible, and professional design will encourage collaboration, student-led research, and creativity.

Once constructed, the Innovation Center will complete the three-phase plan that AHA instituted to improve its Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs.  AHA has already invested more than $200,000 in STEM related initiatives to upgrade our classroom technology and equipment as well as the remodeling and repurposing of existing spaces for the benefit of our STEM curriculum.

This facility will include:

  • A new, 1,500 square foot, interdisciplinary Lab space designed to accommodate the various curriculum needs of all of our science classes -- biology, chemistry, physics and engineering.  In addition, this lab space would provide the dedicated tools, space and time necessary for students to conduct real-world, applied research in conjunction with an expanded network of business, collegiate and government partners. 
  • Four new STEM classrooms in the Convocation Center, which can be used to meet the various curriculum needs for math and technology classes, as well as maintaining the flexibility to serve other disciplines as needed.
  • A new, dedicated IT and Help Desk office to service the technology needs of students and teachers.
  • A new Welcome Area that serves as an inviting entry area to the Innovation Center, as well as serving as gathering place for students, small group presentations, guest speakers and small group projects

  • The existing 3rd floor Physics lab and Photo/3D Printing/CAD drawing classroom space will fit seamlessly into the Innovation Center’s overall offerings, including AP Computer Programming.
  • This project includes nearly 6,000 square feet in new and renovated classroom space for students.
  • Adding 6000+ square feet of STEM lab and lecture space in the Convocation Center will also enable AHA teachers to reconfigure, repurpose and "space out" many of the existing STEM classrooms in the main building. 

This drawing provides a window into the comprehensive 3rd floor project.  

 For more information about the Academy of Holy Angels Innovation Center please contact:

Brian McCartan, 612-798-2618, bmccartan@ahastars

Jesse Foley '89, 612798-2621,

To make a gift to this exciting ICenter project go HERE 

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