Annual Fund FAQ

Annual Fund FAQ


What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual fund is the Academy's first fundraising priority each year. Dollars raised are essential to supporting the daily operations of the school and in turn, allows it to continue living its mission.  Together, Annual Fund gifts underwrite nearly 20 percent of our annual programs.


Why is the Annual Fund necessary?

Since Holy Angels is a private school, and does not receive state funding, it relies on other sources for support: tuition, drawing from the endowment and donations. The Annual Fund helps to keep tuition rates feasible and the quality of education at the exceptional level that we have come to expect from AHA.


Doesn’t tuition cover everything?

Unfortunately, tuition does not cover the entire cost of educating students and so this is why it is crucial to have other sources in place.


Why not raise tuition?

Academy of Holy Angels serves a wonderfully diverse population. Today, 40 percent of the student body receives scholarship help. Increasing tuition would not be benificial to our objective in keeping AHA accessible to as many young people as possible.


Why is my participation important?

Each gift has an impact on the future of hundreds of students. Your participation shows the AHA community your confidence in the education provided as well as a strong commitment to the schools continued success. If all members participate by giving at any level, this demonstrates a strong belief in the work of the School.


How much am I expected to give?

Holy Angels understands that everyone’s capacity to give is different. We ask that you give at a level in which meets your ability to do so. One by one each donation is important, no matter the size. Collectively all will help to accomplish both financial and participation goals.  


How are Annual Fund donations spent? Am I able to designate my gift toward a specific program?

Annual Fund donations support the best things about our school - excellent academics and teacher training, faith formation and service, a rich array of sports and activities and student scholarships. AHA will allow you to designate your give to a specific program if you wish.


How can I make a donation?

There are many ways that you can make a donation, by phone, mail or online. Donors can also support AHA with a gift of appreciated stock.  Gifts may be pledged or made in one payment. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. Also, consider including AHA in your will or estate plans.


Can I use my employer's gift matching program?

Yes! Matching gifts can allow you to double your donation. Click here to see if your employer has a matching gifts program. You may also check with your HR or Benefits department to see if a program exists.

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