Conference Registration

Conference Registration

This year, we will use our conference registration system to schedule VIDEO conferences for both fall and winter conferences. 

When you receive your confirmation email after registration, remember to SAVE it and have it ready on your computer or phone. Each teacher will have a live link, accessible only through your confirmation email or by logging back into this system and viewing your schedule. There will also be a desk phone number in the email for each teacher if you prefer to call. See your Stars Connection email for more details. Please contact Chris DeNio with any questions. 

AHA offers parent/teacher conferences twice each year, once in the fall and once in the winter.

Parent/teacher conferences are an essential way for the parents and teachers to communicate directly to the benefit of all students.

Winter conferences are January 21, 2-7pm, and January 22, 8am-noon. Winter online conference registration begins on January 13 and ends on January 20.

Watch your STARS Connection email for detailed registration information. 

Click here during the registration period to reserve your conference times.

To reserve video-conference time with Ms Hocks (learning variations), please contact her at, or Mr. Gunderson at

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