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Jessie Foley A Message from Director of Alumni Jesse Foley '89 

Like so many of you, I have deep gratitude and dedication to Academy of Holy Angels.  I am a Co-Star, having graduated from AHA in 1989.  I returned to AHA to work and coach basketball in 1997.  My wife Annie (Juettner) ‘92 is an alumnus, as are many others in our family.  Annie and I have six children; our oldest two are alumni, two are at AHA now and two will be at AHA soon!

I am excited to lead an alumni program at AHA because I've seen the countless good things that happen as we work to connect and in many cases, re-connect with our graduates.  

With assistance from many fellow AHA alumni across multiple AHA classes, we always want to better welcome and partner with AHA alumni.

We need your valuable input and advice so our efforts to improve hit the mark.  We want to know how to reach more alumni, what the AHA alumni experience has been like and what communications methods work and what hasn’t worked. ]

While your input will shape our plans moving forward, there are a couple of ideas that I’d like for every alumni to consider. 

  • First, Academy of Holy Angels transforms lives. As it did for you, an AHA education changes a young person’s life.  We educate students to reach their full potential, to serve others and to help those in need.  Each year we graduate students who will go out to be servant leaders and make a positive difference in our world. As an alumni, you should be proud that we open our doors to diverse populations and to the poor in our community.
  • Second, the staff and faculty at AHA care about you and your family. We celebrate your successes and accomplishments and often we take full credit!  We also pray for you when we hear you or someone in your family have experienced a difficulty or loss.
  • Third, we want you to come back. We hope you visit AHA during an event or on a day of your choosing.  Stop in to see how we’ve changed and how we’re the same!
  • Fourth, AHA needs your support.  We need your prayers and support for the continued success and growth of our beloved AHA.  We need you to send your children or encourage your grandchildren to attend AHA. We need the energy, ideas, resources and talent that God gave you to be the fuel for our mission!  This sort of generosity, the kind that supports a child’s education, causes true and lasting joy. 

As we continue this ministry of drawing our alumni back to Holy Angels, we ask for your prayers and support. 

May God bless you and your entire family.  Go STARS!