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NHS Ceremony

On Tuesday, February 13, Academy of Holy Angels inducted the 2024 National Honor Society (NHS) members from the junior and senior classes. Senior NHS members received blue and gold cords in recognition of their membership, which they will wear when they graduate in the spring. Junior inductees received their membership pins. Lindsay Stone, math teacher and NHS moderator, led the process to induct 64 new students along with the current 56 members.

National Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization whose members are made up of high school students from all over the United States. Students are accepted into NHS by having the highest qualifications in scholarship, service, character, and leadership. At AHA, students are eligible for NHS by first having a cumulative GPA of 3.6667 or above after the 1st trimester of a student's junior year with 24 graded credits. Students are also evaluated by a faculty committee on the tenets of NHS before they are selected for membership. 

Congratulations to the following students!

Senior Charter Members:
Drew Abbs
August Allen
Marina Amigon
Declan Andresen
Maya Aylward
Ella Bailie
Geri Bartfield
Molly Bauer
Eva Bentley
Lilian Calvo
Olivia Comeau
Ava Dean
Alaina DeCrans
Sydney Ebner
Ashley Fisher
Kathleen Gaston
Josh George
Edwin Guasco Paucar
Mary Hage
Carter Hartberg
Charlotte Henry
Everett Hoeppner
Tyler James
Siyu Jin
Sam Kamin
Elijah Katter
Madeline Korogi
Katherine Kuffel
Ingrid Kuhfuss
Isabella LaMere
Ryan Larson
Colin Magdziak
Olivia Maloney
Shauna McCrory
Christopher Mook
Michael Murphy
Molly O’Malley
Kiera O’Rourke
Zachary Osborn
Gretchen Pederson
Thomas Pollack
Emma Reinbold
Maison Roudabush
Patrick Skamser
Leon Snyder
Shayla Spence
Landon Stenger
Derek Stock
Ava Telep
Isabel Tri
Jason Urgiles
Abigail Walsh
Joseph Warmka
Ava Welter
Brooke Wisdom
Madeline Wood

Senior Inductees:
Seoyeon Kim
Yesenia Nava Ramirez
Abigail Noll 
Felix Studt
Carolyn Vessel

Junior Inductees:
Farah Abdelhadi
Anya Anderson
Anna Bayrd
Lauren Berlute
Joseph Bitonti
Isabella Bonadonna
Eileen Braun 
Magdalena Capitani
Ruby Cleary
Charles Clements
Regan Cook
Jairo Cordoba
Mariama Darboe
Sienna Dhariwal
Olivia Doig
Andrea Elsen
Audrey Erickson
David Fong III
Samantha Goedde
Henry Heitzman
Evelyn Jastrow 
Autumn Johnson
Nathan Kelly
Kendall Knight
Francis Koenig
Tyler Krenke
Elizabeth Krings
Edward Lang
Taylor Lesnar
Celia Lind
Emily Llapa
Claire Logeais
Jamie McGuffee
Elizabeth Mejia Quintanilla
Matthew Meyer
Magnolia Moe
Maura Murnan
Sophia Nguyen
Sofie Nordstrom
Tea Opitz
Shailin Patel
Harper Poehling
Theo Reid 
Sofia Reuter
Zoe Rimstad
Nathan Ritz
Kaelyn Roloff
Landon Rudolph-Sieling
Katherine Rutt
John Schletty
Finnian Sheeley
Reese Skelton
Eleanor Smith
Amelia Stricherz
Jadyn Sweers
Sylvie Taylor
Emily Thompson
Addison VonSee
Tanner Zellmer



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