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AHA Give Day 2023

AHA Give Day is on Thursday, November 16. Please join these following community members by giving your gift online HERE.

Together, our STARS shine brighter!

Yvonne and family

"Our family supports AHA because of the profound impact it had on our sons, Alex ‘18 and Josh ‘22. At Holy Angels, they were challenged to try new things, supported through tough times, prepared extremely well to excel in college, and encouraged to live their faith by serving others. We would like to honor Donna Poshusta and Coach Jim Gunderson with our gift this year. Both of them made a strong connection with Alex when he needed some extra support - a connection that lasted throughout his Holy Angels career and has influenced how he mentors others. Their extra efforts helped him to grow into a strong, confident leader who looks out for others."

- Yvonne Houle-Gillard

Davy family

"We first met and started dating at AHA. In fact, one of our first memories of meeting each other was sophomore year Spanish class with the effervescent Señora Murray. She has been so supportive of us over the years. Fast forward 20 years and now we've got two kids and another one on the way. Needless to say, we can't imagine our lives without AHA and the wonderful teachers and staff that supported us along the way!"

- Johnny ‘05 & Maria Melcher Davy ‘05


Nicollette Burgess

“Thank you to all of the teachers and staff at AHA when I attended!  You have provided leadership skills, enriched students in the areas of academics, arts, athletic character, and acts of service to our community.  Gregg Sawyer, thank you for your dedication and lifetime commitment to serve the youth of our community all while bringing art to life and servant leadership to governance.  Thank you all for your commitment!” 

- Nicollette Burgess Pauksta ‘99


Wilhoit family

"Our family gives to AHA because because it's our family's way of fostering a close-knit community, where educators and coaches guide our loved ones toward a brighter future. We see these positive results every day in the educators in the classroom and it also carries over to the educators out on the fields and on the stages."

- Chris & Kelly Wilhoit





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