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STAR Power


The Star Power Speed and Strength Program is an opportunity for student athletes to maximize their athletic potential. Star Power training represents the most advanced athletic training technologies available. These technologies include use of interval treadmill training, ground-based training, plyometrics, strength training, and resistance core training. They are designed to improve all aspects of athletic performance—strength, power, speed, agility, injury prevention and flexibility.

Besides teaching the body how to move, the Star Power Speed and Strength Program has the ability to show athletes how to successfully conquer the mental and physical components of their sport. Athletes will learn how to focus, gain confidence, and BELIEVE in themselves. The knowledge and skill athletes will gain from this program can be applied to any sport and throughout an entire athletic career.

TRIA Athletic Trainer - Injury Prevention and Management

A TRIA Athletic Trainer will guide the participants throughout the Star Power sessions 3 days per week with ACL prevention education including jumping, landing, cutting and strengthening techniques. A proper dynamic warm-up will be included along with proper lifting form and mechanics to create a basis of knowledge for the participants to take with them and build upon in upcoming years as an athlete. Additionally, the TRIA Athletic Trainer will be available during the 3 days per week to help manage the care for any injuries during this time frame.

Our Speed Treadmill

Research has shown that incline running on our unique speed treadmill is 200-300 percent more effective than running on level ground for increasing and maintaining speed.

Who Can Participate in STAR Power?


Jim Gunderson
Head Football and Head Track Coach

The Star Power Speed and Strength Program offers a variety of options, allowing students to develop overall strength and athleticism.

If you have questions, contact Coach Jim Gunderson.