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Weddings in the AHA Chapel

Weddings Chapel
It is a honor for us at AHA when a couple requests to return to AHA to be married in our chapel!  We will accomodate as many requests as possible.  Please contact us right away so we can let you know what will work for you on this special day. Here are the rules and guidelines for weddings in Academy of Holy Angels' St. John the Evangelist Chapel.

Requirements and Reservations

  1. Wedding ceremonies in the AHA chapel must be Catholic.
  2. Only Academy of Holy Angels alumni may have a wedding in the St. John the Evangelist Chapel. Either the bride or groom must be an alum.
  3. The Academy of Holy Angels school schedule has priority over chapel availability for weddings.  Weddings will be scheduled on dates that do not interfere with school events, student and teacher activities, renovation or maintenance activities. Due to the limited number of staff available during non-school months, the fact that AHA is not air conditioned and the many building projects that typically take place over the summer, summer in the AHA chapel weddings are rare.
  4. Wedding date reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. The rental fee is $1500 
  6. Your "Academy of Holy Angels Wedding Packet" filled with all the necessary information will be mailed to you upon request.  
  7. The St. John the Evangelist Chapel has a maximum seating capacity of 290 people. There are 18 pews in each side of the chapel, for a total of 36 pews.    

Other Information

  • Alcohol and Tobacco:  The school is a smoke-free environment.  Please make sure the wedding party is aware and understands the policy.
  • Air Conditioning:  The Academy of Holy Angels' St. John the Evangelist Chapel is NOT air conditioned. 
  • Parking:  Wedding guests can park in the Academy of Holy Angels' parking lot.  Parking for wedding guests may be limited due to other activities.  For example, league play in the AHA StarDome often fills the AHA parking lot until 11 p.m., and the St. Peter's Church parking lot becomes more congested on Saturdays due to the 4:30 p.m. Mass.  The Academy of Holy Angels cannot be responsible for tickets issued to guests for parking at the Hub Shopping Center. 
  • Receptions:  The Academy of Holy Angels does NOT currently have space available for receptions. 
  • Priest:  The wedding party is responsible for securing a priest.  All aspects of the liturgy need to be approved by the priest presiding at the wedding.  Please secure a priest when you reserve the chapel or as soon as possible afterwards.  

The Academy of Holy Angels administration determines the school schedule and also the schedule for weddings.  Weddings on Saturdays are typical, but Friday evening weddings may be considered.  Dates are subject to change.  Interested couples must contact Jesse Foley in the Alumni Office at or 612-798-2621 to solidify the date.

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Jesse Foley
Director of Advancement, Alumni Engagement