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Financial Aid

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Tuition Management:
Academy of Holy Angels uses the services of Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) to manage student tuition, establish annual tuition agreements with parents, and create tuition payment plans at

Tuition and Fees:
Every January, our Board of Trustees sets the tuition and feeds for the next school year. Tuition can be paid in one, three, or ten payments. There is also a technology fee of $400 which covers the student Chromebook, its warranties, and software. A non-refundable registration fee of $330 is due when your student registers for classes. 

Work Study:
Work study is a financial aid program where various jobs as needed by the AHA community are worked in lieu of tuition payments. Award amounts are based on need and given through the Finance Department. Amounts are typically determined the spring prior to the year of enrollment. 

Financial Aid Appeals

If a change in your family's financial circumstances occurs after you have submitted your TADS application, you may qualify for an appeal. Some of the common appeal reasons include job loss, salary reduction, divorce or unexpected medical expenses. 

Appeals can be submitted any time during the summer or school year. Appeals are intended to increase a family's total financial aid award package, not to clear past debt. Families who did not originally qualify or apply for financial aid are still eligible for appealing.

Click HERE to complete your Financial Aid Appeals form. 

The 7-minute video below is an introduction to how to apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships at AHA. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us.

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The AHA business office manages financial aid. We also use the services of Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) to determine financial need. To be considered for aid, each family is required to complete a TADS financial aid application at

TADS provides a worksheet families can use to organize their financial information prior to completing the actual application. The 24-25 worksheet is available in English and Spanish.

Financial Aid Questions (English and Spanish):
Our team is ready to assist you with any tuition or financial aid questions. Please email Nancy Cullen (English) or James Amstutz (Spanish) with any questions.

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Nancy Cullen

Nancy Cullen
Financial Aid Specialist