8. Concussion Response Procedures

(How Holy Angels responds when a student sustains a concussion) 

When a student sustains a concussion, there are a series of steps that all members of the Concussion Team (student, parent, teacher, nurse, athletic trainer, and guidance counselor) must perform in order to help the child to recover from his or her injury.  Communication is the key in helping the child through this process.

  1. When a concussion is suspected:
    1. If the athletic trainer indicates that the student may have a concussion, the parent should make an appointment with a physician right away. 
    2. If the concussion is not Holy Angels Activities related, and the student has not been seen by the trainer, directives from a doctor are required to attain any accommodations from the school.  
    3.  The parent should go to the school website www.academyofholyangels.org  >  Academics > Guidance and Counseling and print out the Generic Release Form so that the school may speak directly to a physician.  The release needs to be signed by a parent and be on file at both the doctor’s office and at the school.
    4.  After the student has been diagnosed by the physician, the parent should bring in or fax the directive from the doctor regarding accommodations that are needed.

After the student has a diagnosis of a concussion, the following protocol will be followed in the absence of, or in addition to, directives from a doctor.

Phase 1:

  1.  The student will be expected to stay home with complete rest for the first two days following a concussion (If a concussion happens on a weekend, those days will be considered).  Complete rest includes no computer, reading, television, work at outside jobs, participation in any physical activities, or other brain stimulation.
  2. On day three, the guidance counselor will request of teachers that all non-essential assignments be eliminated from the course load for 7 days (including the 2 days missed). 

Phase 2:

  1.  Students are not allowed to participate in physical education and will be excused from the make-up writing assignment of PE for those 7 days.
  2. When students require accommodations beyond 7 days, they may be asked to drop physical education from their schedule.
  3.  The student should report to the nurse each day to keep him/her informed of headaches, future doctor’s appointments, etc.

Phase 3:

  1. The student fully integrates back into school.
  2. Students will have two weeks, following the week of rest, to make up essential work. 
  3. Guidance may move the student into a Response to Intervention study hall to help the student get back on track.