6. Coaches' Responsibilities


The greatest responsibility a coach has is maintaining the student’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual welfare. This responsibility includes monitoring academic and eligibility status and being competent and up-to-date in the prevention and care of athletic injuries. Having a first aid kit available at all events is required.  Coaches must teach their players to dream of high goals and respect themselves and their opponents. Motivation should be positive and communication lines should be open at all times.

A pre-season meeting should be held for athletes and parents. At this meeting team rules and objectives should be given to the athlete in both verbal and written form. A coach should also supply practice and games schedules and go over the rules of the MSHSL as it pertains to their activity. Rules given must be enforced.

Professional responsibilities must be upheld. Attending conference, regional and state association meetings are required. All coaches are asked to join the state coaches’ association, but head coaches are required to join and encouraged to be active.

Coaches must promote their team or program through local, state and college media. This promotion should also be done through school media publications, particularly the activities web page, the Daily Bulletin and school newspaper.

Coaches should be flexible, recognizing that some students live a great distance from AHA and that there may be reasons for missing practice for which an athlete should not be penalized.

A coach must remember that he/she is representing AHA at all times. Appropriate dress and conduct should be maintained. The Academy is a Christian institution, and profane language and negative motivation do not have a place in the program. Head coaches must be willing to accept responsibility for their total program and for all the coaches and parent-led activities in that program. A coach is required to take a yearly Blood Borne Pathogen Training found on mshsl.org, “Coaches Clipboard” page and stay current on MSHSL Continuing Education Requirements (CER's).


    1. Faith in Action– All coaches are responsible for participating in the Faith in Action Program.  Responsibilities include one service immersion per year for the team; facilitating prayer before every game, attending seasonal Activities Masses with the full team, and encouraging the development of values and leadership.
    2. Attendance Policy– Each coach should review the players’ attendance policy. Also remember that a player should not be penalized for an official school trip or activity. (See Attendance Policy under Student Participant Responsibilities.)
    3. Banquet and Awards Procedure– Coaches will be receiving an awards form at the end of the season. They must return the forms so that their awards can be ready for the banquet. Only Varsity athletes are allowed to earn letters. The Booster Club also provides each Varsity team with three plaques for special recognition. Arrangements for ordering State Tournament Patches must be made through the Athletic Director. The state tournament patch is available to teams or groups who place fourth or higher in state competition, and to teams winning the consolation championship
      • Post-season state tournaments –Whenever possible, teams advancing to state will be honored with a pep-fest or at convocation prior to the tournament.
      • An individual or team who places fourth or higher in state MSHSL competition will be honored with a school-wide end-of-the-day pep fest. A reception, coordinated by the Activities Department, will follow the pep fest for players, parents and staff at Holy Angels.
    4. Bulletins/Announcements/Posters– Notices of club meetings, athletic and social events, general information for the day, and specific instructions are printed in the Daily Bulletin. The Daily Bulletin is read daily during homeroom and posted throughout the school. Students will be held responsible for knowing this information. Students and/or team parents responsible for putting notices in this bulletin must have notices signed by an advisor/coach and brought to the Activities Office by noon of the day preceding the notice. The public address system is used for updates the first two minutes of periods 4 and 6 and in emergency situations.

      Any sports teams or co-curricular activities groups or individuals wishing to hang posters/ signs in the school must have the approval and signature of the Activities Department. Any other group or individual must have the approval and signature of the Assistant Principal.

      Posters, signs and flyers cannot exceed 8 x 11 inches and may only be hung on designated bulletin boards or corkboard strips. They cannot be taped to windows, walls or doors. They must be removed the day after the event. Non-school announcements cannot be posted. All locker posters are removed on Fridays.
    5. Bussing– At the beginning of the season, each coach receives a composite list of bus departure and dismissal times. Coaches can confirm or change the bussing time by contacting the Athletic Department at 612-798-2634 or 612-798-2635. To change an early dismissal time you must call the Activities Director. ALL BUSSING ADDITIONS, CHANGES, OR CANCELLATIONS ARE TO BE MADE THROUGH ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT.
    6. Communication– Items such as playing time, positions on a team and the individual’s role on a team should be communicated with the students throughout the season. Team newsletters or written communication to parents/players are encouraged.
    7. Eligibility and Medical Forms– No athlete is allowed to start practice without a current MSHSL Eligibility/Health form, a current physical examination form, a liability waiver and a Permission for Emergency Treatment form on file with the Athletics Office. An activity fee must also be paid at the time paperwork is submitted to the Activities Office for a student to be eligible to start a sport (tryouts/practice). An accurate roster must be on file in the Athletic Offices a week before the first contest.
    8. End-of-Season Statistics– The head coaches’ responsibilities will not be considered completed until coaches give the end-of-season statistics sheet to the Athletic Director.
    9. Equipment and Uniforms– Coaches distribute and manage equipment. Coaches are responsible for collecting uniforms and equipment from student athletes who drop from a team before the seasons end; coaches are also responsible for reporting this to the Athletic Office. At the end of the season, coaches collect all the equipment and give the Athletic Director a list of equipment not returned. Head coaches should inventory all equipment in their sport and meet with the Athletic Director to order next year’s equipment. This should be done immediately following the season. Students will not be eligible to try out for and receive uniforms for the upcoming season until all uniforms and equipment from the prior season have been returned.
    10. Academyof Holy Angels Fund-Raising for Co-Curricular Groups Procedures and Guidelines– Fund-raising activities of co-curricular groups or teams are coordinated through the Development Office to ensure that all fund-raising activities of Holy Angels are consistent with the mission and strategies of the school and to avoid conflicts with other fund-raising programs.


      (1) Each team or co-curricular group may select one fund-raising activity or event for the season. The type of activity must be approved initially by the Athletic Director with final review and approval by the Development Department.

       (2) The sale of items should occur off-campus and outside the school day.  

       (3) Students are not required to participate in a fund-raising activity. However, if the student chooses not to participate in the fund-raising activity, the team can require a set fee be paid to cover the costs of the activity.

      (4) Selling advertising is forbidden without the express permission of the Development Department and the Athletic Director.

      (5) What you can raise money for: Proceeds are to be used to fund enhancements for the program which cannot be directly funded by the Holy Angels activity budget. This may include the purchase or repair of equipment, uniforms, transportation for in-season activities, and expenses associated with an approved trip.

      (6) All expenditures for student activities must be approved in advance by the Athletic Director.

      (7) What you cannot raise money for: fund-raising proceeds will not be used to fund camps or clinics for individuals.

      (8) Proceeds of a fund-raising effort may be designated to benefit the specific group of students who participated in the fund-raiser.

      (9) All funds in student activity accounts must be spent in support of that activity during the MSHSL season.

      (10) The school will not pay to cover a student’s fund-raising goals for an activity.


      (1) Requests for approval of fund-raising activities should be submitted at least one month in advance of the initiation of any fund-raising activity. Contact the Athletic Director to obtain a form.

      (2) Coaches and moderators will submit requests for the Athletic Director for review of the  activity as it relates to the particular co-curricular program. If approved, the Athletic Director will submit the request to the Development Department for approval as well.

    11. Head Coaches – Head coaches must be willing to accept responsibility for their total program and for all the coaches in that program. Coaches must submit the names of all volunteers who plan to assist with the program to the Athletic Office prior to the start of the season. No volunteer will be allowed to assist with a program until a background check and virtus training has been completed and approved.


    1. Lettering Policy/Captain Selection – At the beginning of the season a coach should hand out, in writing, the procedure that will be used for lettering. Junior varisty, B-squad, and ninth-grade level participants cannot letter; rather, they receive a Certificate of Participation.  Also hand out the procedure used at the end of the season for selecting a captain.


    1. Professional Organization – Every head coach is required to belong to the Minnesota State Coaches Association and also to their sport activity association. These organizations conduct clinics and all-star games, and coaches must be members for their athletes to participate. Assistant coaches are encouraged, but not required, to join the coaches association.


    1. Removal of a Player – Due process is available to a player removed from a team. This can be done through the Athletic Director or by special request with the President/Principal.


    1. Reporting Scores – Varsity coaches are responsible for reporting their results for all home contests to the MSHSL Web site and Max Preps at 1-800-329-7324. Feature stories and information can still be submitted to our local newspapers by calling:

Star Tribune (612) 673-4451 – Can be done through your hub page

St. Paul Pioneer Press (651) 228-5598 

Sun Current Paper (952) 392-6869 (Chris Chesky)

The Catholic Spirit (651) 291-4455 (Maria Wiering)

Carolyn Arnebeck will serve as AHA Activities Communication liaison 612-798-2635

  1. Rosters – All coaches/moderators/advisors must coordinate the deadlines for turning in their rosters with the Athletic Department. It is the Coach's responsibility to enter or make roster changes on the MSHSL website.
  2. Team Apparel and Use of the School Name and Logo– All team clothing must receive approval from the Activities Director or the representative selected by the AD to monitor team apparel. In a number of instances, the school’s name and trademarks have been used without school authorization or apparel, and with slogans, that are inappropriate to the mission of the school. Please remember that the name ACADEMY OF HOLY ANGELS, AHA, and design, STARDOME and design, STARS and design, STARS SPIRIT and design, and team names and logos are trademarks of the Academy of Holy Angels. These may not be used without prior written consent of the school’s Spirit or from the Activities Office. They will answer any preliminary questions you may have regarding the use of school trademarks. Your completed request must include an artwork sample of your design to receive approval. This applies to all clothing and printed materials.


  3. Team Kick-off/Registration Night– This event will be scheduled prior to the start of each   season and will include:
    1. Introduction of team coaches and captains
    2. General session and review of policies
    3. Registration materials and sport-specific information will be available.
  4. Team Meetings– A team meeting must be held prior to the beginning of the competitive season for   each sports program. This meeting will include the following:

    A. Introduce coaching staff, captains, and team parents

    B. Welcome freshman players and transfer players

    C. Give an overview of the program and the upcoming season

    D. Discuss playing philosophy and playing time

    E. Explain team rules regarding chemical use and good citizenship

    F. Explain attendance policy: excused and unexcused absences

    G. Discuss varsity lettering policy

    H. Discuss team captain(s) selection process

    I. Distribute game/bus schedule. Discuss bus rules

    J. Explain conflict resolution process

    K. Discuss eligibility

  5.  When School is Closed Because of Weather, no meeting, practice, or scheduled event shall be allowed.
  6. Notify Me–to be notified of any changes to events/time/locations go to: www.trimetro.org. Click on: Holy Angels and the Notify Me icon and follow the prompts.
  7. Communication with Student Athletes - should occur face-to-face with another coach present or using the official @ahastars.org email address. Coaches should not be texting students directly.