2. Philosophy and Definition


While academics remain our primary focus, cocurricular activities at the Academy of Holy Angels are an important part of the educational process and contribute significantly to the development of the whole person.

The Academy strives to establish excellence in all cocurricular programs.

Learning to compete and perform to ones fullest potential is the ultimate goal of cocurricular activities with emphasis on growth and enjoyment through skill development, technique, teamwork, and Christian sporting conduct.


The Academy of Holy Angels attempts to have each student, who is interested in an activity, participate. In some sports and activities this is not possible, so tryouts are held and squads are limited. Players should ask their coach about what the policies are at the beginning of each season.

In sports that have levels of competition such as C-Squad, B-Squad (10th grade), Junior Varsity (JV), and Varsity, the following general guidelines should be followed.

  1. Ninth grade– At this level everyone on the team should participate. Emphasis should be placed on fundamentals.
  2. B-Squad or Junior Varsity – Participation is still important, but development of an individual player for varsity level is equally important.
  3. Varsity Athletics – This level is for the most advanced athlete.  Playing time is awarded at the discretion of the Coach in consideration of the best interest of the team.

Program of Excellence – Any Holy Angels student, any grade or age, with exceptional ability will be allowed and encouraged to participate at the varsity level. There is a possibility that any given sport/activity will be required to limit the roster.


A club can be defined as an organized activity within the school. It is self-funded and needs to have an advisor/coach. The students must abide by Academy of Holy Angels rules and policies. Club funds must be kept on deposit with the school’s business department.