1. Letter from the Director

Dear AHA students, parents, coaches and fans,

The Academy of Holy Angels has a proud tradition of successful sports and activities programs.  As members of the AHA Community we continue to carry forward the best of what it means to pursue excellence in all we do by living out our heritage as a Catholic, Sister of St. Joseph and AHA Way school.

Each of us in our own particular way is called to support the larger mission of the school and the Activities Department in particular so that we can function as fully as possible in developing a culture of excellence that inspires and helps to build up each individual that comes into contact with our community.

Of particular importance is the development of the students entrusted to our care and the importance of helping them to grow and mature in body, mind, and spirit.  You have our commitment to always keep the privilege of this task before us in all we do. 

This handbook is intended to communicate the basic ‘building blocks’ to developing  a community of leaders committed to service, growth in virtue and the pursuit of excellence.  Please familiarize yourself with it and commit to living the principles contained within.


  Michael Kautzman Signature


Michael Kautzman
AHA Activities Director