The uniform code was established to break down socioeconomic barriers between students, promote unity and pride in one's self and one's classmates, enhance security, and strengthen the overall image of the Academy of Holy Angels. A student's appearance may not draw undue attention to him or herself to disrupt the operations of the school.

The AHA uniform will be worn by all students grades 9-12 and will consist of a white shirt with the AHA logo and navy blue pants, skirt or shorts. There are several pant selections, and styles of skirts and two styles of shorts available in several sizes.

A large selection of shirts is available, including turtlenecks, oxfords and polo with and without a banded bottom, all with the AHA logo. Other optional logo items include fleece wear, sweaters, and vests. AHA athletic and activity crew-neck sweatshirts and 1/4 zip pullovers purchased anytime during the previous four school years through athletic or activity captains and any approved uniform sweatshirt sold in Stars Spirit store also can be worn as part of the uniform. These sweatshirts and pullovers must be gray or white in color and can not have a hood. Royal blue and black colored sweatshirts and pullovers, even purchased in the school store or ordered by a team cannot be worn during the school day. The school name and its trademarks are the sole property of Academy of Holy Angels.

The Academy of Holy Angels uniform apparel must be purchased through Donald's Uniform, the sole uniform provider for AHA. Donald's is located at 972 Payne Ave., St. Paul. All clothing is washable and dryable, and comes in blends or 100 percent cotton. Donald's purchases uniforms from manufacturers certified to be in strict compliance with all generally accepted international workplace standards, local laws and work place regulations. There are several ways to acquire the uniform pieces: at the Donald's stores; via phone order at 651 776-2723 with UPS delivery; or via Donald's Web site at: www.donaldsuniform.com.

Please maintain uniform clothing in a presentable manner. Students must wear correctly sized clothing, and no ripped, cut, faded or torn items may be worn. Shirts need to be tucked in at all times unless the shirt has a banded bottom. Shorts must be at the knee. Skirts must be no shorter than the top of the kneecap.  School approved sweaters and sweatshirts may be draped or tied around the shoulders, but not around the waist. All long pants must be hemmed and not dragging below the bottom of the shoe.

For safety reasons, the following items must be removed and not worn in school: all hats, caps, scarves, bandanas, kerchiefs, winter headbands, jackets, mittens and gloves. In addition, students are not allowed to wear flip-flops, thong sandals, or bedroom slippers in school.

The following is the policy on accessories: Skirts and shorts may be worn with navy or white tights. Knee highs or regular anklet socks can be any color. Garments worn under uniform shirts must be solid white in color and visible only at the neckline. Facial jewelry may not cause a distraction or safety hazard.

Pants must be worn outside of shoes and boots. There may be no chains, linked or other type, except necklaces or bracelets of one eighth inch or smaller. Offensive, obscene or potentially harmful accessories are not allowed.

Students must be in uniform the entire school day. Being in uniform is wearing the appropriate attire in the appropriate manner (e.g. shirt tucked in). The uniform policy is enforced from 7:50 a.m.-2:40 p.m., Monday through Friday. It also is in effect on field trips and other designated AHA events. A student is fined $10 for being out of uniform without prior permission, or they can serve a Saturday detention. Failure to serve detention results in the fine.  After the third offense, Saturday detention is not an option, and all offenses receive a $10 fine. Disrespectful response to the staff member issuing the fine will result in detention and possible suspension. Uniform fines are payable at the Attendance Office. The Dean of Student Life will resolve disputes.

Out-of-Uniform days, dress-up days or "theme" days are periodically scheduled throughout the year for a variety of special events.

  1. Out-of-Uniform Days- Students may wear their uniform or any other appropriate clothing. Jeans, sweatpants, and T-shirts are allowed. “Yoga pants” or those of a similar style are acceptable as long as they are worn with a skirt, shorts, or a top that extends to at least mid-thigh. Torn or cut off clothing, short skirts, short shorts, (shorts and skirt length must conform to the uniform policy) loungewear or sleepwear, skimpy tops, tops or dresses with shoulder straps less than one inch wide (bras and bra straps cannot be visible), tops or dresses with spaghetti straps, strapless tops or dresses or slip dresses, etc. are never considered appropriate for school and are subject to a $10 fine/Saturday detention.
  2. Dress-Up Days - Students may wear their uniform or any dress-up clothing which is modest and appropriate for church. Shorts and skirt length and wearing of “yoga pants” must conform to the uniform policy. Denims, T-shirts, hats, tank tops, shirts with writing and clothing prohibited from being worn on an Out-of-Uniform day are not allowed and are subject to a fine or Saturday detention.  The Dean for Student Life will determine appropriateness of any questionable attire.
  3. Theme Days - There are occasions during the year where the school community celebrates a holiday or event by dressing in certain colors or clothing that reflects the theme (i.e., St. Patrick's Day with green and white). Students are allowed to wear their uniform on that day or clothing that is in the spirit of the day. All clothing must be appropriate for school and conform to expectations as explained under the Out-of-Uniform Days policy. Students who choose to wear clothing other than their uniform or clothing that is in the spirit of the day will be fined or serve Saturday detention.  Hats are not acceptable unless they are in the spirit of the day. The Dean for Student Life will determine appropriateness of any questionable attire.

Students wearing a brace or cast:
If a student is wearing a brace or cast as the result of an injury and feels that he or she is unable to wear uniform apparel because of the brace or cast, the student must see the Dean of Students or Assistant Principal to receive permission to be out of uniform. Every effort is made to keep students in uniform even when they’re wearing a brace or a cast.

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