Tuition, Fees and Fines

The Academy of Holy Angels is a non-public, religious school that does not have public funding to support its program and operational costs. Accordingly, it is necessary to charge tuition for the privilege of attending AHA.

Tuition levels are set and adjusted annually by the Board of Trustees in consultation with the administration of the school.  A separate, annual nonrefundable registration fee will be set by the Board of Trustees and will be payable at the time of registration. In establishing tuition, the trustees consider the level of expenditures needed to meet student learning needs.  These expenditures include fairly compensating teachers and staff, other costs of instructional needs, maintaining and improving facilities, and satisfying other operating costs while attempting to maximize funding from other sources.

Upon registration, the families of students will be required to sign a contract stipulating which of several payment options to which the family chooses to commit.  The Academy of Holy Angels staff will work with parents to enable students from families with calculated financial need to meet their tuition obligations.  We will consistently communicate the facts (and consequences) of not meeting tuition obligations and/or cooperative payment arrangements.  The Academy of Holy Angels reserves the right to require prepayment of tuition when deemed necessary, such as when there is a history of inconsistent compliance with payment arrangements.  Defaults in tuition obligation also impair the ability of an independent school to serve all of its students or to provide financial aid to those with genuine need.  Defaults put added pressure on tuition increases and other families' ability to pay. In addition, defaults make adequate compensation for teachers and staff and upkeep of physical facilities more difficult.  Like any independent school, collection of tuition is crucial to Holy Angels' ability to educate its students and to assist those from families with limited means.

Failure to Pay Tuition

A student's right to attend AHA, to receive grades, high school credits, college transcripts, or to participate in school functions will be restricted due to failure to pay tuition or fees, unless alternative payment methods satisfactory to the administration have been agreed upon. Examples of such consequences may include, but are not limited to:

  • Grades and appropriate academic records will be withheld if tuition or any fees due and payable are unpaid at the end of a trimester.1
  • Students may be suspended from school and not allowed readmission in the event any portion of tuition is overdue and remains unpaid for a period of more than 90 days, or in the event there is a history of late payments or unfinished promises of payment.
  • Students will not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises or to receive a diploma if tuition or any fees are unpaid by May 20 of their senior year.

Financial Aid

Academy of Holy Angels' financial aid and scholarships are allocated to families who demonstrate financial need. For information about financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Student Fees

In general, it is the procedure of AHA to charge students fees for consumable items (i.e., items students use, take with them, and keep)

Departments which charge fees:

  • Practical Arts: Wood
  • Fine Arts: Photo paper, clay
  • World Languages: Workbooks
  • Math: Calculator
  • Library/Computer Lab: Laminating, personal copies
  • Advanced Placement Classes: Prep materials
  • Advanced Placement exam fees

Other fees may include, but are not limited to:

  • Optional field trips
  • Retreats
  • Dances
  • Yearbook
  • Parking
  • Overdue fines
  • Co-curricular tickets, practice gear and fees
    • A $50 sports activities fee
    • The costs for lost textbooks and library books will also be charged to the student’s financial account.


Fines are assigned for uniform and parking violations. The reason for a fine, amount, and date due are listed on a referral form which the student receives in school and which is e-mailed to parents. Unpaid parking fines may result in a suspension of parking privileges. Fines not paid by the end of each trimester are charged to the student’s financial account.

---- 1In accordance with Minnesota Educational Code, should a student transfer to another school, public or private, AHA will transmit the student’s educational records as of the date requested, to the school in which the student is enrolling. Grades not yet awarded are not considered a portion of a student’s educational record.

(6/16/11/mn; 6/27/18 cd; 6/19/20 cd)