Student Government

In the spring of each school year an election is held for the Student Government for the following year. Students wishing to run for office submit a nomination card (a 5x7 index card is the norm) to the Student Government Advisor or to the President-Elect. Cards must be received by the announced deadline to be accepted. Once a card is submitted, the candidate may begin their campaign. All campaign materials (including poster, buttons, stickers, etc; must be approved by the advisor prior to posting or use)

Posters for All-school offices are hung in the stairwells and on bulletin boards used for student notices. Posters for class-offices are hung in the hallways near the class lockers.

(Please note: Only masking tape is to be used on the walls of the school.)

Students running for office must tape a 60-second speech. The taped speeches are shown to the student body on the morning of the election. The election is held online. Candidates receiving the majority of the votes cast are elected.

Students self-nominate. No write-in votes are allowed. Any write-in votes are discarded and do not count towards the total number of votes cast.

Students running unopposed still need to prepare and tape a speech. Unopposed candidates still need to receive 51% of votes cast in order to be considered elected.

Election results are announced to the student body at the end of the school day.

All-School Student Government offices include:

  • President-elect: Must be a 10th grader to run. This two-year position begins in 11th grade as Student Body Vice-president;  then serves as Student Body President in 12th grade
  • Secretary: Open for 9th-11th graders to run.
  • Directory of Community Service: Open for 9th-11th graders to run.
  • Directory of Communications: Open for 9th-11th graders to run.
  • Activities Coordinator: Open for 9th-11th graders to run.

Class Offices include:

  • Class President
  • Class Vice President
  • Class Coordinator

10th-12th grade officers are elected in the spring of the year
9th grade officers are elected in the fall.