Service Requirements

In response to the Gospel call to serve others, the Church's call to witness as disciples, the Sisters' of St. Joseph call to serve the "dear neighbor" and AHA's mission to serve selflessly, it is the desire of AHA to form students to be people of service in their daily lives.

By consistently serving throughout the year for four years, Holy Angels graduates will have gained a deeper understanding of themselves, the needs of their community, the root causes of important social concerns such as poverty, hunger, discrimination, violence, consumerism, and the treatment of those who are marginalized.

Christian Service graduation requirements

AHA requires 15 hours of volunteer Christian service per year for 9th graders, 20 hours per year for 10th, 11th, 12th graders.  Hours should be reported to the service coordinator before May 1. Student transcripts will be marked incomplete for those students who have not completed all hours before May 1, thus making the student academically ineligible (for definition, see the Academics section of the Student Policies Handbook) until hours are complete. Incomplete service hours will need to be completed in the summer before moving on to the next grade level.  

The term "service" is understood as participating in actions for persons, groups, or agencies without payment or other compensation and for whom the recipient is not a relative. 

For more specifics about what activities can be applied to the Stars Service Requirement, see this chart.

Blue and Gold Service Awards

Students can earn a Blue Service Award by doubling their required service hours or a Gold Service Award by tripling their required service hours in one academic year.  Students are recognized in the spring.

To receive an award in the Spring at All School Service Day:

  • All hours must be submitted by May 1st
  • All submissions must be made to x2VOL
  • Blue Award (double yearly requirement): 9th graders must submit total of 30 hours, all other students must submit total of 40 hours
  • Gold Award (triple yearly requirement): 9th graders must submit total of 45 hours, all other students must submit total of 60 hours
  • Students must submit their intention to receive an award when prompted by Service Coordinator in the spring through email and the Daily Bulletin.

x2VOL website

Opportunities for hours can be found on x2VOL website. x2VOL is the same website where all AHA students will submit hours, get them verified and track their progress.

Click here for directions on how to submit hours, how to track your hours and other directions

Having problems with x2VOL after reading the directions? Ninth and tenth grade families Mark Schumacher at Eleventh and twelfth grade families can email Ann McComas-Bussa at

Summer Hours

Summer hours of service are applied to the upcoming year, beginning on the first day following celebration day.  When a student participates in intensive, short-term service experiences such as volunteering for a week in the summer at a camp, or participating in a mission trip, a maximum of 8 hours per day will be awarded to the student.  Hours to be applied to the service requirement need to be completed on or after the first day of freshmen year. Summer hours should be submitted to x2VOL by October 1st.

About Student Managers for AHA Athletic teams:

Team managers should establish their role and duties as team manager with the head coach or moderator at the beginning of the season. Students may use a maximum of 20 hours of team management time toward Service hours. Students may not submit these same hours for Work Study. Hours over 20 can be applied to the Work Study Program.

(Updated 11-13-17; 6-27-18 cd, 10-11-18 ga; 6/19/20 cd)