Graduation Procedures

Requirements for Graduation

Diplomas are only granted to those students who have successfully completed the graduation requirements set forth by the Academy of Holy Angels.

If a senior is one-to-four credits short of the requirements at the time of graduation, the student will be allowed to participate in the commencement exercises, but will not receive a diploma. Seniors who are short five or more credits at the end of trimester two, at interim reports during trimester three, or after the end of trimester three will not be allowed to participate in the commencement exercises. They will not receive a diploma until all requirements have been met.

Students who violate any AHA policies may be prohibited from attending graduation events, including but not limited to, Baccalaureate, graduation ceremony or senior party. At its discretion, the administration also has the right to modify or change graduation ceremony events and/or student speakers.

Completion of the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) and the Stars Service requirement are graduation requirements for all AHA students.

Graduation Ceremony:

Graduation at the Academy of Holy Angels is typically held in early June. Please see school calendar for exact date. Graduation on the front lawn at the Academy dates back at least three decades, but can only be done when weather conditions are favorable. At least three hours of preparation time are required to adequately ensure seating, sound, and appropriate staging. Many elderly and disabled people attend our ceremonies, so their well-being must also be taken into consideration. The Academy's staff will monitor weather conditions to their best ability and a decision will be made to ensure the dignity of the graduates, plus the health and safety of all who attend. If the graduation ceremonies must be moved indoors to the Convocation Center, households with senior students will be contacted via the SchoolReach phone system. The move indoors also will be announced on the school web site, In keeping with the school’s long-standing tradition of seniors processing on to the front lawn—if the ceremony is held indoors, graduates will process on to the lawn at the end of the ceremony. At that time, families may take photos, and light refreshments are served.

Siblings of graduates who attend AHA may participate as honor guards in the graduation ceremony. Students will be notified of this opportunity in homeroom during the spring.

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