Fundraising Procedures and Guidelines for School Groups

Fundraising activities of co-curricular groups or teams are coordinated through the Advancement Department to ensure that all fundraising activities of Holy Angels are consistent with the mission and strategies of the school and to avoid conflicts with other fund-raising programs.


  • Each team or co-curricular group may select one fundraising activity or event for the season. The type of activity must be approved initially by the Athletic Director/Activities Director with final review with the Advancement Department.
  • The sale of items should occur off-campus and outside the school day. Note: groups are encouraged to find work assignments that raise money for their project, as opposed to selling items. Examples of these work assignments include stuffing newspapers for the Star Tribune or working at the concessions stands at sporting events
  • Students are not required to participate in a fundraising activity. However, if the student chooses not to participate in the fundraising activity, the team can require a set fee to be paid to cover the costs of the activity.

What can you raise money for:

  • Proceeds from the fundraiser will be allocated back to the team or co-curricular program. Proceeds are to be used to fund enhancements for the program which cannot be directly funded by the Holy Angels activity budget. This may include the purchase or repair of equipment, uniforms, transportation for in season activities, and expenses associated with an approved trip.
  • All expenditures for student activities must be approved in advance by the Athletic Director/Activities Director.

What you cannot raise money for:

  • Fundraising proceeds will not be used to fund camps or clinics for individuals.
  • Proceeds of a fund-raising effort may be designated to benefit the specific group of students who participated in the fundraiser.
  • All funds in student activity accounts must be spent in support of that activity.
  • The school will not pay to cover a student's fundraising goals for an activity.


  • Requests for approval of fundraising activities should be submitted at least one month in advance of the initiation of any fund-raising activity. Contact the Athletic Director/Activities Director to obtain a form.
  • Coaches and moderators will submit requests for the Athletic Director/Activities Director for review of the activity as it relates to the particular co-curricular program. If approved, the Athletic Director/Activities Director will submit the request to the Advancement Department for approval as well.
  • Academic departments should submit the request to the Principal for approval. If approved, the principal will submit the request to the Advancement Department for approval as well

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