The Student Government sponsors dances. By purchasing a ticket, students agree to abide by these guidelines:

  1. The start and end time of the dances do vary slightly; therefore, it is the responsibility of students attending to know the start and end time of the dance. No dance ends later than 11 p.m.
  2. All students planning on attending a dance must arrive within one-half hour of the dance start time or have previously informed the dance moderator why they will be late.
  3. Students must show their school identification card to be admitted to dances.
  4. Dances are for enrolled Holy Angel's students only. There are three dances which guests may attend: Sadie Hawkins, Angelus, and Prom. Holy Angels students may bring one guest who must be registered in advance. The Holy Angels student accepts responsibility for the guest's behavior. Dance registration forms are available outside the main office. Students who have been expelled from Holy Angels may not attend Holy Angels' dances.
  5. Doors are closed one-half hour after the dance ends: therefore students should have a ride arranged accordingly. St. Peter's parking lot can be used for pick-up of students to avoid the after-dance rush. The established and enforced curfew by Richfield police for students 18 years old and younger is midnight.
  6. Purses, bags, and jackets must be checked into the coat check before entering the dance. Purses, bags and jackets are subject to search.
  7. If students leave the building, they will not be re-admitted.
  8. Richfield police officers and Holy Angels personnel supervise all dances. Breathalyzers will be on site and will be used by police if a student or guest displays behavior characteristics of possible alcohol use at any time during the dance. If a student or guest is in violation of MN stat. 340A.503 regarding the consumption of alcohol, a ticket may be issued and the school policy on chemical issues will be enforced. Parents will be contacted to come to the dance to take the student or guest home.
  9. Holy Angels is a "tobacco free" facility. No tobacco or smoke-free tobacco including vaping delivery systems are allowed on campus. School policy will be followed for those students found using or in possession.
  10. Students will not be admitted if they are not dressed appropriately. The adult supervisors at the dance will make a determination of "appropriate." The basic guideline for dances is a code of modesty for all students. Midriffs, cleavage and under garments must be covered. No revealing or tight clothing including miniskirts, midriff tops, halter tops, tube tops, tight pants, tight shirts, revealing shirts, shear shirts, ribbed tank undershirt and open back shirts will be allowed. Low riding pants or hip huggers are also not permitted. Sleeveless tops may be worn; however no tank tops or spaghetti strap tops are permitted. School uniforms will be available for students to wear if needed.
  11. Students will not be allowed to dance in a suggestive or profane manner. Displays of intimacy, which contain a suggestion of sexual movements even between consenting individuals, are inappropriate to the school environment.
  12. Holy Angels reserves the right to censor any music.
  13. Students will be removed from the premises for displaying behavior or clothing that is deemed by the supervisors/police to be obnoxious or inappropriate. A violation of any of the above may result in suspension from all school dances and other school consequences may be involved.



  • Held in September or early October to celebrate the homecoming football game and activities
  • Time: 8-11 p.m.
  • For grades 9-12
  • Attire is semi-formal
  • Curfew appropriate


  • Held in November or early December. Sadie Hawkins traditionally is a “girl ask boy” date dance. However, all AHA students are welcome to attend. Tickets are sold for couples or single admission.
  • Time: 8-11 p.m.
  • For grades 9-12
  • Guests are allowed. Non-Holy Angels students attending the dance need to complete the guest registration form prior to the dance.
  • Attire is specified by the theme determined by the dance committee
  • Curfew appropriate


  • Angelus is a semi-formal date dance held in conjunction with Snow-Daze.
  • Time: 8-11 p.m.
  • For grades 10-12, or 9th graders invited by upper class students
  • Guests are allowed. Non-Holy Angels students attending the dance need to complete the guest registration form prior to the dance.
  • Tickets are sold for couples and for single admission.
  • Curfew appropriate


  • Held in May as a formal spring celebration
  • Time: Grand March begins at 6pm. Dinner/dance begins at 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. School responsibility ends at 11 p.m.
  • For grades 11 and 12 or 9th and 10th graders invited by upper class students.
  • Guests are allowed. Non-Holy Angels students attending the dance need to complete the guest registration form prior to the dance.
  • Attire is formal
  • Parents are welcome at Grand March
  • Prom does not have to be a huge expense
  • Curfew appropriate
  • Photography available

Parents are solely responsible for students' before- and after-dance activities. AHA advises against unchaperoned all-night activities such as the use of hotel rooms, camping trips, overnight cabin stays, co-ed sleepovers, etc.

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