Notices of club meetings, athletic and social events, general information for the day, and specific instructions are printed in the Daily Bulletin. The Daily Bulletin is sent daily to students via their e-mail accounts.  Students are responsible for knowing this information. Students and/or team parents responsible for putting notices in this bulletin must have notices signed by an advisor/coach and brought to the Athletic secretary's office.

The public address system is used for updates the last two minutes of periods 4 and 6 and in emergency situations. The public address system also is used between classes to page students to the main office or to the Convocation Center lobby. (Revised June 2008)

Any sports teams or co-curricular groups or individuals wishing to hang posters/signs in the school must have the approval and signature of the Athletics or Activities Department. Any other group or individual must have the approval and signature of the Assistant Principal. Posters, signs, and flyers cannot exceed 8" x 11" and may only be hung on designated bulletin boards or chalkboard strips. They may not be taped on windows, walls, or doors and must be removed the day after the event. All locker posters will be removed on Fridays. Non-school related announcements may not be posted.

AHA Web Site

AHA's Web site offers news and information about AHA including information about policies and procedures, curriculum and learning, sports schedules, student news and achievements, events, calendars, and much more.

STARS Connection

AHA emails the weekly newsletter, STARS Connection to parents.

E-mail Communications

AHA emails messages to parents to clarify incidents at school and provide additional information. To ensure parents receive these messages, AHA asks parents to make sure the school has their correct email addresses. Parents should update their email addresses and other biographical information as follows:

  • Go to, click on Parents, then myAHA
  • Log into myAHA with your username and password. If you do not know either of these, you can request they be sent to the email address we have on file. If you have any difficulty logging in, email
  • Once you are logged in to myAHA, click on your name in the upper right hand corner, then Profile
  • Your Contact Card should appear and you can click on the pencil above your email to change it. Other biographical information can be updated on the same screen by clocking on the pencil near the information to be changed.

You can also change what types of emails and notifications you receive from us

  • Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of myAHA, then Settings
  • On the left hand side, click notifications
  • Scroll down and check or uncheck your preferences
  • Be aware that unchecking the "Bulk Email" box will mean that you do not receive any email messages from AHA that are not sent directly person-to-person
  • If you have any questions about this, email


Communique is a news magazine is mailed three times each year to members of the AHA community. It contains news about the school, its students, faculty and alumni.

Copyright Policy and Guidelines

It is the policy of the Academy of Holy Angels to support and comply with the federal copyright law. 17 U.S.C. 101-120. To implement this policy and to ensure adherence to copyright law, AHA has adopted recommendations for administrative library/media and teacher compliance. The administration, in connection with the school’s library/media personnel, will develop, periodically review, and update educational materials, guidelines, and sample forms for use by staff in adhering to federal copyright law.

School Name, Trademark or Logo

The name ACADEMY OF HOLY ANGELS , AHA and design, STARDOME and design, STARS and design, STARS SPIRIT and design, and team names and logos are trademarks of the Academy of Holy Angels. These may not be used without prior written consent of the school’s administration. Teams or groups wishing to order merchandise bearing the school’s name or trademark must request permission from the Athletics or Activities Director.  A form may be obtained through Stars Spirit Store. The store manager will answer preliminary questions regarding the use of school trademarks. The completed request must include an artwork sample of the design to receive approval.

Photo Releases

By signing a tuition contract, parents give the school permission to use photos/likenesses and names of their student for publicity, promotion and marketing in print publication.  Holy Angels will publish student photos with first name and last initial. When Holy Angels uses a student's full first name and full last name, with picture, prior approval from the family will be sought.

(updated July 7, 2010; June 13, 2011, June 13, 2012. August 9, 2012; June 19, 2014 mn, July 13, 2015 ga; 6/19/20 cd)