Assemblies and Worship


All-school gatherings are conducted in the Convocation Center or theater. All students are expected to attend, unless otherwise stated, and to behave appropriately. Assemblies are held for a variety of reasons. The proper reaction at an event depends upon whether the community is in attendance to view a play, concert, musical, liturgy or some other performance. Students are expected to show proper respect to themselves and others regardless of the setting. Proper behavior at assemblies includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Consideration, respect and courtesy demand that the performers, speakers, etc. be given our complete attention. This means that silence (no speaking or whispering of any kind) is in order and expected when the program begins or when a speaker approaches the microphone.
  2. Gum chewing is very disruptive. Gum should be disposed of before going to the assembly.
  3. Students should stop at the restroom on the way to the assembly so they do not have to leave the event.
  4. Students should leave backpacks and belongings in the classroom they attended prior to the assembly (i.e., period 3 class before Convocation) or in their locker. Backpacks and belongings are not brought into the assembly or left in the hallways or locker bays.
  5. Students are to sit with their teacher at designated assemblies. Students may be relocated or, if necessary, removed from an assembly for not behaving properly. Consequences for misbehavior will be determined by the Assistant Principal.

Worship Procedures

Participation in the liturgy is done out of respect for the Academy of Holy Angels' Catholic identity. All students must attend all school-wide and classroom worships held during the day. Throughout any worship, students are expected to remain respectful. Students will remain silent unless invited to participate in community prayer. Students are asked to stand when the community rises, unless they are physically unable to rise. 

(6/30/08; 6/23/11; 6/19/20 cd)