Registration & Re-enrollment

Registration & Re-enrollment

Re-Enrollment Process for the 2022-2023 School Year
(Returning students only)

Dear Parents and Students,

Please review this information together. We have automated the registration process almost entirely. Please review the steps for successful registration this year.

First – Enrollment “Pre-Registration”
Enrollment is the “Pre-Registration” process that allows a student to be enabled to request classes for the upcoming school year. It is done through TADS.

  • Parents received an email from TADS notifying them to enroll for the 2022-2023 school year. If you did not receive an email, please contact TADS at 612-548-3320.
  • This enrollment process will have you update the contact information, pay the $330 enrollment fee via electronic check or credit card, and sign off on the AUP, AHA Way, and the Student & Parent Handbook.
  • The deadline to complete enrollment/pre-registration is January 17. Your child will not be able to select courses online beginning Wednesday, January 26 without completing this step. Because staffing decisions are made based on registration numbers, the registration fee will increase to $430 after February 1, 2022.
  • Parents will receive a follow-up email from TADS by April prompting them to complete the tuition payment agreement.

Second – After completing the enrollment payment with TADS, your child is ready to select classes.

  • The Program of Studies 2022-23 is posted online (under the academics tab on the AHA homepage) with detailed course descriptions. You will not receive a hard copy of the Program. Using the online Program of Studies and the paper course request sheet, you and your student should work together to request courses. Circle course preferences on the course request sheet, so the student knows what to register for online when they get to homeroom. Students should have 7 classes circled for each trimester. Registration will begin on Wednesday, January 26 at which time students may select courses from home. Students will also be encouraged to select classes in school during homeroom on February 3 if they have not already done so. The deadline to select courses if February 4.
  • The student will log on to myAHA to officially request courses. Students received course selection guidance and instructions for registering online from counselors during sessions in school the week of January 10-14. You may also see instructions on the AHA website for online registration.

Third Parents will receive course selection confirmation in early March.
If there’s an error or your student wishes to make a change, he or she must contact the Guidance Department by March 31 (Sarah Taffe 612-798-2654; Jake Schuman 612-798-2638; Gina Meacham 612-798-2626). Any desired changes for the 2022-23 school year made after March 31 will incur a schedule change fee of $35.00. The $35.00 schedule change fee will be assessed now and throughout the 2022-23 school year.

*Parents…course requests are not a guarantee of a confirmed class schedule. Building the master schedule continues into the summer until mid-August at which time parents and students may view schedules online.

Parents, please see the important dates that will help your daughter/son complete their course requests for next school year.

Registration schedule for 2022-2023 courses:

  • January 3: TADS email will be sent about re-enrollment
  • January 6: AP meeting for students during homeroom
  • January 7: Parents encouraged to call TADS if they did not receive email (612-548-3320)
  • January 10-14: Counselors visit classrooms to go over registration process
  • January 14: Tuition e-letter from Board of Trustees Chair sent to parents
  • January 10-21: Applications for Advanced/AP courses accepted
  • January 17: Deadline for completing TADS Enrollment (pre-registration) process
  • January 21: Deadline for Advanced/AP course applications
  • January 26: Begin online registration for returning students
  • January 27: Conferences, 1:00 - 6:00 PM
  • January 28: Conferences, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

  • February 3: Use homeroom time to register for classes in myAHA
  • February 4: End online registration for current students

  • March 3 & 4: Final Exams for Tri II
  • March 7-11: Spring Break
  • March 14: 3rd Trimester begins
  • March 15: Begin process of sending out course requests for parental review
  • March 31: Deadline for parents of returning students to review course requests and notify Counseling Department of any changes

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