Service Requirement

In response to the Gospel call to serve others, the Church’s call to witness as disciples, the Sisters of St. Joseph’s call to serve the “dear neighbor” and AHA’s mission to serve selflessly, it is the desire of AHA to form students to be people of service in their daily lives.

The outcome is that students are people of service who can identify and work to solve social issues and real-world problems.

Christian Service Graduation Requirements

AHA requires 15 hours of volunteer Christian service per year for ninth graders, 20 hours per year for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders. Students submit hours each trimester to remain current. Students who do not meet trimester requirements will be marked incomplete and hence academically ineligible (for definition, see the Academics section of the Student Policy Handbook) until hours are complete. Incomplete service hours will need to be completed in the summer before moving on to the next grade level.

The term “service” is understood as participating in actions for persons, groups, or agencies without payment or other compensation and for whom the recipient is not a relative.

See "Service Requirements" on the AHA website in the Student Policies Handbook.

Blue and Gold Service Awards

Students can earn a Blue Service Award by doubling their required service hours (serving a total of 30 hours for ninth graders and 40 hours for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders) or a Gold Service Award by tripling their required service hours (serving a total of 45 hours for ninth graders and 60 hours for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders) in one academic year. Students are recognized in the spring.

Summer Hours

Summer hours of service are applied to the upcoming year, beginning on the first day following Celebration Day. When a student participates in intensive, short-term service experiences such as volunteering for a week in the summer at a camp, or participating in a mission trip, a maximum of 8 hours per day will be awarded to the student. Hours to be applied to the service requirement need to be completed on or after the first day of freshmen year.

Freshman Year Service Assignments

Service hours are due to the service coordinator incrementally throughout the year and some hours will assigned to the student through academic classes, such as theology. 

Grade 9 service requirements summarized

Trimester I: Ninth Grade Service and Fun Day

= 5 hours

Trimester II: : One service assignment in Theology

= 5 hours

Trimester III: Two “on your own” service hours; three hours from School Service Day

= 5 hours

School year total                                   = 15 hours

Grade 10 service requirements summarized

Trimester I: Seven hours “on your own” 

= 7 hours

[submit all summer hours]

Trimester II: One two-hour service assignment in theology class; hours “on your own”

= 7 hours

Trimester III: three “on your own” service hours; plus three hours from School Service Day

= 6 hours

School year total                                  = 20 hours

Grade 11 and 12 service requirements summarized

Juniors and seniors can meet the service requirement in a variety of ways:

  1. Submit hours that they have serve “on their own”, similar to the process in grades 9 and 10. (Students must complete seven hours Trimester 1; seven hours in Trimester II, and three hours "on your own", plus three hours on All School Service Day in Trimester III for year-end total of 20 hours.)
  2. Students submit hours in a combination of ways: curricular and co-curricular service learning opportunities such as service-learning classes (teachers will designate the number of service hours they will receive), Faith in Action, Respect Life Club, Social Justice Club, Students Assisting Students, National Honor Society, Student Government, Parish Youth Groups, Eagle Scout Awards, or other appropriate organizations.