Online Health

Health - Online

1 credit

Grade Level: 9-12

This course provides the student with opportunities to acquire knowledge and information concerning the relationship of health to oneself, one's family, and community. Health Education at AHA is concerned with the ways and means of influencing positive changes in health related behaviors; enabling the student to act in ways which will provide optimum quality of life. The course will provide students with the neccessary resources to help them lead a long, healthy, and productive lifestyle. They will take part in the promotion of healthy behaviors, as well as, abstaining from harmful ones.

Health Education offers a wide variety of topics that impact students physically, emotionally, and socially. Mental and emotional health will be a focus each year. The course is taught combing online work with in-class presentations. Since this class is taught over four years, it allows faculty to present and discuss age-appropriate health topics with students.

Learner Outcomes:

Students will:

Grade 9

  • Explain how our decisions impact our health.
  • Identify ways to cope with peer pressure.
  • Demonstrate how personal behaviors relate to health and how they can be modified or reinforced to improve or maintain one’s quality of life.
  • Use tools to help manage time better.
  • Describe what self-compassion is and understand how it relates to positive, healthy relationships.

Grade 10

  • List the essential nutrients and their role in growth and development.
  • Identify the role of nutrients in the body.
  • Describe how to incorporate nutrients into diet.
  • Understand steps and strategies to mindful eating.
  • Analyze societal influences on body image and strategies for a healthy mindset.
  • Learn the strategies of sleep and how to better one's own.

Grade 11

  • Describe the types of pathogens that cause disease.
  • Identify infectious and non-infectious diseases.
  • Describe the cause, means of transmission, symptoms, and treatment for common infectious diseases.
  • Learn strategies to improve emotional health through gratitude.

Grade 12

  • Recognize and respond to an emergency situation.
  • Evaluate between life-threatening and non-life-threatening situations.
  • Perform basic CPR and recognize when it is needed.
  • Understand when and how to use the AED.
  • Evaluate healthy life styles in relation to substance use, abuse, and addiction.
  • Learn what stress is and how to manage one's stress through mindfulness and descion making.