Registration and Honor Roll

Registration and Honor Roll

Registering at AHA

Careful planning is the key to creating a program that’s right for you! Consult your teachers, counselors and parents about your course selections. Go to Program of Studies online at for full course descriptions and additional planning tools.

Students and their parents/guardians may find it helpful to begin to draft an overall plan for their high school coursework before registering for the coming school year. Please refer to the Course Planning Guide online to draft a four-year plan. All students should enroll in a minimum of six courses per trimester for a seven-period day. Any exceptions must receive prior approval from the Guidance Department.

Course offerings are not finalized until everyone has registered, and the master schedule has been finished in August. Until that time, “registration” is actually a course request process. Requesting courses does not guarantee the course requested will necessarily be scheduled. Returning students register first, and incoming 9th graders register at the end of February.

It’s best to avoid making changes after you’ve registered. In order to make a course change, parents must give written permission for the change, and pay a $35.00 fee at the time of the change. After the registration process in February, or when classes begin in the fall, a fee of $35.00 is assessed for any schedule change including dropped classes. Course changes without a fee are made for students if an incorrect class is scheduled, if a teacher recommends that the student take a different course, or if a course is inadvertently left off a student schedule. AHA cannot honor class schedule changes requested by students for the purpose of selecting (or avoiding) specific teachers or for requesting specific class times. Students may not add a class after the fifth day of the trimester. Students may not drop a seventh class after the fifteenth day of the trimester.

In order to stay in advanced coursework, students must maintain at least a “C” average or have the teacher’s permission to continue in the class. If students fail an advanced course, they must move to a regular level.

Shortage of credits

Students are required to make satisfactory progress toward graduation in order to continue enrollment at Academy of Holy Angels.

If students fail a course and are subsequently short the required number of credits toward graduation, it is their responsibility to make arrangements to make up the failed course and the loss of credit through summer school at AHA (see “Failed Courses” below) or possibly by enrolling in additional courses at the Academy of Holy Angels. Failed courses must be made up within one calendar year after the original failed grade is posted.

For seniors--graduation and diplomas

Diplomas are granted only to those students who have successfully completed the AHA graduation requirements. If a senior is one to four credits short of the requirements at the time of graduation, the student will be allowed to participate in the commencement exercises but will not receive a signed diploma. If a senior is short five or more credits, he or she will not be allowed to participate in the commencement exercises and will not receive a signed diploma until all requirements have been met.


A student may be assigned an incomplete grade at the end of a trimester. Normally this happens when the student has been unavoidably absent due to illness, or unable to complete school work due to some unusual circumstances. Carrying incompletes for a long period of time rarely helps the student. It creates added work and detracts from time spent on the current trimester courses.

School policy requires that students make up incompletes within two weeks of the beginning of the next trimester. If the student does not make up the incomplete, the grade becomes a fail (F) and no credit is given. Any extension to this rule must be approved by the principal or counselor and the instructor.

Report cards

Mid-trimester grades will be available online within one week after grades have been reported by the teachers. Trimester grades will be available online approximately one week after the end of each trimester. Trimester grades and transcripts for students who owe money for tuition and fines, along with athletic, academic testing, and transportation fees will not be available until the account has been satisfied. Parents and guardians who do not have online access should notify the school.

Failed courses

When a student fails a course required for graduation, the course must be made up in one of the following ways:

  1. Failures in the required areas of English, Theology, Science, and World History must be made up in summer school at Holy Angels. This requires registration for summer school via the Counseling Department.
  2. Other failures (those not in English, Theology, Science, or World History) may be made up in summer school at AHA if offered or by registering to re-take the course during another trimester.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the Counseling Department is aware of the plan. The grade earned by a student exercising option 2 will be included in calculating that student’s grade point average. All failed courses must be made up within one calendar year after the original failed grade is posted.

Honor Roll

Transfer credits

Students who transfer to AHA during or after their freshman year are considered to be transfer students. Courses, grades, and credits from the student’s previous school are evaluated to determine the graduation requirements the student has completed and will need to complete at AHA.

When AHA sends student records to other schools and/or colleges, it will send an AHA transcript of grades earned at AHA. When applicable, it will also send additional transcripts of grades earned at other high schools. Only grades and credits earned at AHA are listed on the AHA transcripts.

Procedures for advanced classes

The minimum requirements (prerequisites) needed to register for an advanced course are stated in each course description in this Program of Studies. In addition to a minimum acceptable grade in a prerequisite course, a departmental application form often must be completed. It is the obligation of students registering for advanced classes to fulfill all the requirements prior to registration.


Elective courses may be taken only once, except for Band, Choir, and Competition Sports, which can be taken multiple times. 


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